Friday, February 27, 2009

Update – Ban on coverage lifted…

A bitch posted about the policy review of the military’s ban on allowing coverage of fallen soldiers returning from the war.

Now, that ban has been lifted.

Defense Secretary Gates consulted with the armed services and military family groups and ultimately decided to apply the same policy that is used at Arlington National Cemetery.


libhom said...

This is a good step, but we need to stop the Iraq war ASAP. Stopping the casualties on both sides is the most important thing.

Laurie said...

He did? He consulted with us? Never heard it. All I hear is how dismayed military families are that the policy was lifted.

And I hear that because I'm a military spouse. Living on a military base. My husband is a Marine currently on his third deployment in Iraq.

You know, the media can take pictures of flag covered coffins anywhere they want. The only reason they really wanted to take it at Dover was to capture a grand amount of coffins. I don't know how they plan on working out the pictures taken of coffins of families who are ok with it, right next to the coffins of families who are not ok with it.

Quite frankly, I'm irritated and disappointed in both Obama (and his wife, whose campaign cause was military families) for allowing so little time between being asked by the media if the policy was going to be lifted and actually lifting the ban. There was little time to solicit feedback or review from the people it was going to affect the most - outside of the media of course.

Which, in the end, tells you who he was pandering to.

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