Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February shall be a month of ponderfication...

‘Tis February, y’all!

A bitch’s birthday month…my blog anniversary month…and black history month.

In other words, February is the shit (wink).

Shall we?

Fubar economics has stressed us all out and if you’re not stressed there is something wrong with you...'cause this shit is stressful as a motherfucker. Whether you are fretting over your economic situation or over loved one’s enduring the fall-out from our decade of mismanagement…well, this is the very definition of drama.


My birthday isn’t until the 22nd, but my present to myself is to speak of those caught up in that fall out. Not the corporations imploding…the people left to fend for themselves because all those corporations are imploding.

Today I’m pondering hunger.

My father, bless is soul, grew up very poor. He rarely spoke of it, but we knew he had known hunger from the respect he showed food. A walk through the grocery store was like a visit to a scared shrine…he hit every aisle thoroughly. When we got home and unloaded everything, my father would stand back and observe his packed fridge for several moments…just him and the security of several guaranteed meals. And I remember that shit…the look on his face, the shame he’d toss my way if I complained about a meal and the ever-present canned goods in the pantry that added some extra food security along the way.

1 in 10 Americans are part of the federal food assistance program...people just like you and this bitch.

Food insecurity is about more than just the inability of our federal system to make sure our peanut butter is safe…it also speaks to the millions of Americans who are at risk for hunger because their next meal is more of a maybe than a sure thing.

Those are facts and figures that too often go unmentioned whilst legislators debate bailouts…and those are the numbers this bitch remembers when pundits try to justify bonuses and planes, naming rights and fancy retreats.

This crisis casts light on the difference between America the brand image and the American reality.

What we are versus what we like to be seen as.

1 in 10...and someone you know is hungry.

1 in 10...and who shall this stimulus serve?


Infuriated Faggot said...

Hey ABB! The economy is some fucked up mess right now. I spent the whole day yesterday contacting senators and Pres. Obama regarding some economical solutions- from a dumb faggot...

Briefly, (1)repeal the 2005 bankruptcy laws preventing common citizens from getting their 'real' bailouts. Right now, to file in Missouri you need to make less than 37,700...if you make 38K, you can't file. Bullshit. Is someone making 38K really better off than someone making 37,700?

Eligibility needs to be based off of debt-to-income ratio, NOT median income.

(2) Obama needs to scrap the tax cuts for the middle class (we ALL know that lowering taxes screw up the economy- before EVERY recession/depression there was a huge tax cut, while keeping taxes stable helps the economy) and allow middle class workers to qualify for bankruptcy. We, the people, should have just as much right to 'start fresh' after the crisis as our corporate counterparts. Hell, call it an emergency recession measure, I don't care...but help your people out! If he repealed the Bush Bankruptcy laws, people would be a little less annoyed by the corporate bailouts.

(3) TAX BREEDERS! If you have 8 + 6 children, you need to be taxed...a lot! You will be using more resources and therefore need to pay for that shit! and if you're fucking married, enjoying benefits NOT AFFORDED TO ALL PEOPLE...you need to be taxed. TAX THAT SHIT! TAX IT! TAX IT! If people are taxed for breeding, they are less likely to have kids which in turn, won't fuck their budgets. Ha!

Three pretty easy and logical ways to help the economy.


The economy pisses me off!

Infuriated Faggot

Miss Trudy said...

Several of my college students have been in the military and one was an airline pilot. They all told me that many in the military and many airline pilots also take food government assistance because their wages are so low, they can't make ends meet or support a family. Now being that the military are supposed to be taken care of by that venerable instituion and airline pilots are professionals one associates with the wealthier classes, it should come as no surprise that so many regular citizens qualify for assistance. If this were better known, maybe we could stop stereotyping and denigratng people who take food stamps, medicaid and housing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this to the attention of your readers! I work at a food bank and our agencies are seeing 30-50% more people than before the recession. We expect to see even more as additional people are laid off. Everybody who has a pantry, soup kitchen or food bank in their town can make a big difference by volunteering at these places. Your friends and neighbors will appreciate your help and you will learn that just about anybody can be hungry-you would be amazed, and terribly saddened, by the desperate, ashamed people who come to our distributions.
The stimulus package will include more $ for food stamps but it is never enough. Please tell your readers that they can take charge of some of the fallout from this awful economy by giving their time or donating to your local emergency food provider!

Phil said...

Hunger isn't funny.

Your Daddy knew what it was and it left a mark.

It is fixing to leave a mark on a lot of folks.

I have been hungry too.

I would emphasize to any and all to start stocking up on some food. All ya have to do is buy one or two cans extra of something you already eat regularly, every time ya get a chance when you are at the store.
Fifty to seventy cents a pop, every week. It does add up.
Thank you for high lighting this , there is a tsunami of hunger coming our way and a giant wall of denial that is about to be swept out to sea.

Teresa said...

Love reading your blog. It's funny, poignant and relevant, all within the same post.

btw, we share the same birthday!

Anonymous said...

It's not too surprising that you are on welfare. Get a job, get a life, stop making me pay for you to stuff your face with fried chicken. If you have time to blog, you have time to work. Get a GED, and apply for a real job so you don't have to be a burden to us all.

Shark-Fu said...

'Tis not surprising that you are a knavish rotten troll.

Anonymity can't hide that, m'dear.

Anymore than inaccurate stereotype-based taunts can shut a bitch up.

Get thee gone!

Anonymous said...

this anecdote about your father really touched me. thank you for sharing.

i'd also like to suggest that monetary donations to food banks can often go a lot further than donating actual food-- then pantries can buy things in bulk, purchase the exact items they need, etc. it tends to be more efficient, if you can manage. something to think about.

Anonymous said...

I know more than a few people who admire a full fridge. Your story was touching - thanks.

The comment about adding an extra can or two to the cupboard when you go shopping is good thinking. You never know when the fubar economy comes home and gets personal.

I noticed people don't fill the shopping carts like they used to. It's hard times and I fear it's going to get harder. Times are getting stranger.

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