Thursday, February 26, 2009

It’s almost March – do you know what your state legislature is doing?

A bitch adores watching political theatre…shit, I often break out the popcorn and settle down in front of CSPAN just for the laughs.


But I also keep close watch on my home state of Missouri’s legislature.

And the chorus asked… "Why, bitch?”

And a bitch replied, "Because what they do matters too!”

Shall we?

A bitch has been fascinated by the intense coverage of all things Obama administration related. I think its great…even though I wonder where the fuck the media was when Scooter B. was gorging himself on pork at the people’s expense.


Anyhoo, ‘tis our role as cits to keep it real with government. But too many of us are missing a crucial chunk of government in desperate need of some keep it real people-based oversight.

Behold, the state.

Specifically those state legislatures that, like Missouri, are controlled by large majorities and are spending their time pandering to the radical conservative fringe rather than addressing the mountain of important shit we need them to be addressing.

For example, the Missouri House recently spent two days debating then voting on a non-binding resolution against the Freedom of Choice Act.

Chorus… "What Freedom of Choice Act?”

A bitch…“The Freedom of Choice Act that would codify Roe v Wade…the same one that has not been introduced in Congress.”

FYI - TIME has a great piece up on this.

Yep, with everything going on in Missouri and in the country…with thousands of Missourians losing their jobs and uninsured...with our infrastructure crumbling and education failing…with all that shit pending, the Republican controlled legislature wasted two fucking days sending a message to Congress about an act that has not even been introduced.


But, but wait…they aren’t done!

This week…today to be exact…the Missouri House is debating HB46, a hellish anti-choice abortion restriction bill that would create the new crime of “coercing an abortion” and do nothing to reduce the number of abortions in the state.

Because Lawd knows we women folk can’t make up our minds and our fragile temperaments make us vulnerable to blah, blah and more insulting and inaccurate blah.


But the Missouri House isn’t going to let facts get in the way of an opportunity to score some political points…nor are they going to let that mountain of important shit we need them to be addressing get in the way of their lust for pandering either.


If you are a Missourian, please click this link and tell your Rep. to get real.

Tell them to vote no on HB46.

And if you live someplace else, take a look at what your state legislature is doing while all eyes are fixed on Washington.

It’s almost March, y'all…and we all need to know what our state legislature is doing with our time and our money in our name.


Nell Gwynne said...

haha. When i was in MO, tried to keep on top of things, and I worked on a couple of campaigns as a canvasser. MO gov't is almost as fucked up as MI gov't.

I actually got to watched a MI house session yesterday, and the main question I had for my rep was: Why is everything so unorganized? I'm paying for this?

page said...

must be the time to pass all dumb stuff. NC legislature is workngon an admendment to banning gay NC dosen't have bigger issues.

Anonymous said...

I'm working with people to get the Iowa legislature to cap the charges on payday loans at 36% APR.

ChristopherM said...

Here in KY, they are working on banning adoption by anyone who is not married and is shacked up because otherwise gay people could get kids out of foster care (clutch the pearls!). This means I couldn't take custody of my nephews and niece if something were to happen to my family. That's some bullshit. They have also proposed stripping the governor of the ability to issue executive orders of things like banning discrimination against gay state employees. Because as you know, Kentucky is a wealthy and educated state with nothing else to stress the fuck out about.

Southern Diva said...

SC the Dems walked out of session yesterday because the Republicans want require a driver's license as ID when voting. Even though there were NO reports of voter fraud during the ENTIRE primary/general election process last year. They are concerned, however, about record turnouts for voting by Dems, and specifically black Dems.

I'm just saying. Oh yeah, and our governor wants to just say no to the stimulus package- even though we are fourth in the country in terms of unemployment.

I could go on, but I won't.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the link! I clicked it and told Rachel Storch exactly what I think about this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Bitch, get a life.
Oh, that's right, you already have one.

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