Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pondering the withdrawal method...

Shall we?

President Obama admitted that he “screwed up” in pursuing the nomination of Tom Daschle to Health Secretary after Daschle’s tax drama erupted into a festering mess of drama in the press and on the Hill.

Daschle has withdrawn from consideration, along with Nancy Killefer who was on track to become the first White House performance officer.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Most people know that the Obama administration has one of the toughest applications out there…so detailed that the detailing made news all on its own. And this bitch remembers wondering who the fuck could make it through to the interview much less the nomination hearing-based advise and consent shit.

So ‘tis important to note that these recent incidents of withdrawal are likely not due to a failure of the screening process…which was intense as a motherfucker…but are more likely due to some break-down in the evaluation phase.

You know, the period between screening and before hearings where the administration decides whether a candidate’s fuck ups are terminal or treatable.


And that brings a bitch to the withdrawal method and how that shit isn’t a wise prevention choice.

The withdrawal method may work once or twice but each time you use it you increase the odds that the next time you…um, withdraw…cough…may result in a lasting scandal-based drama that won’t just go away with the next news cycle.

This bitch hopes that Team Obama has learned a lesson here – that one should use the protection they are carrying (i.e., the motherfucking screening process and criteria associated with it).

Because not knowing about a candidates skeletons is one thing but knowing and deciding to throw caution to the wind...not once or twice but at least three guaranteed to feed the ‘when will he fuck up, please let me be the one to break that story, Lawd I hope it’s a big one too’ beast that haunts every administration and sure as shit haunts this one.

And a bitch is pretty sure the Obama administration burned through their get out of tax-based trouble involving a nominee jail free card with Geithner.


This bitch is wondering why the fuck the IRS isn’t taking heat for this shit too…since we the people are broke as hell and they the agency have just been outed for leaving some serious cash on table and walking away.

Mayhap a Wall Street/Federal government personal income tax review should be added to the stimulus plan…

…’cause Lawd knows the IRS don’t play nice with the masses living on Main Street.

But that’d be too much like right…right?



Rev. Bob said...

Tell your Republican friends: the President doesn't have to be perfect. He has to be better.

Better than the Republicans.

He's winning.

Shark-Fu said...

Now, now...that's not the leadership test I want to be living under!

I prefer to tell all of my friends, regardless of their political party affiliation, that the Obama administration should be about something far greater than merely being better than Republicans.

And the best test for that is when 'we the people' start winning...

Infuriated Faggot said...

Word to the blog. Double 'word' to the comment.

However, I would say that being better than the republicans is step one in Obama's being a good president list. . .right?

I mean, if Bush's policies of war-mongering and economical destruction somehow put people first, he still would have been a bad president for those policies. . .which clearly is not an issue since that fucker is gone.

So, step one- be better than Bush(check)...step two- be great! (restore order, restore the economy, put people before profits, etc.)-to do.

Love your posts lady girl.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting the number of people with "tax problems." These are wealthy men with accountants. If these wealthy men who paid accountants to do their **** taxes and get them right are having tax trouble, what does that mean for the rest of us?

Again I say that we don't need "tax relief" or "tax reform". We need tax simplification.

Unknown said...

I cannot tell you HOW disappointed I am in Daschle. When he first ran for Congress back in 1978, my father, soured on Washington after Watergate and the aftermath was very reluctant to actually support anyone. Tom Daschle came to our place and talked to my parents for a long time. I was too young to vote then and not terribly interested anyway. BUT I was amazed that his young guy got my parents interested in the political process again. When he won, by a tiny margin, it felt like a victory for us.

Daschle seemed very concerned about staying in touch, not going 'too Washington' and not becoming part of the problem.

My parents followed his career until their deaths, proud that they helped this man get his start. They would be so disappointed that Daschle has 'gone Washington', cozied up to the lobbyists and no humiliated the new president.

While I had issues with Minnesota's Paul Wellstone, his committment to only stay for 2 terms makes more sense now than ever. We also need more limits on how soon former Representives and Senators can become lobbyists themselves.

Anonymous said...

better than the republicants? Isn't that setting the bar a little low for the limbo rock? How low can you go? Excuse me while I dust off my abacus, put on some Floyd and take a Xanax so I can do my taxes.

lilalia said...

Try looking at this analysis:

Mr Tomasky's idea is that the problems can stem from one of three sources:

Only Democats do it
Republicans have better vetters
We’re a nation of tax cheaters

Anonymous said...

i agree that simply being "better than the republicans" is a bar too low. it is distressing to see the withdrawn nominations because it looks like the transition team is not adhering to their own procedures and protocols which causes one to do a head shake with a "WTF?!?!" Mr. Obama has left me flustered with the Rev. Warren mess and now.....the nominee for the next Commerce Secretary!?!? down here in MS, this is the kind of stuff that makes us wonder "is that the liquor talkin'??" someone has to be drunk or high, right???

Anonymous said...

Just better than the previous dumba$$? No! I want to be a part of a change that rolls down like thunder and moves mountains.

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