Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What the fuck did Rep. Stevenson just say in the people's House?


Shall we?

The background…
The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), which would codify Roe v Wade, has not been reintroduced in Congress. But that hasn’t stopped anti-knowledge Missouri legislators from wasting hours of the people’s time debating it…proposing non-binding resolutions against it…and generally getting their panderific pontification on about it.

The scene…
Yesterday on the House floor in Jefferson City Missouri where the non-binding waste of time resolution was being debated.

The foot in mouth moment…
A certain Missouri Representative Bryan Stevenson (R-Webb City) took to the floor and declared the not introduced so not really in question and certainly not a pressing issue if it ever does get introduced FOCA the "greatest power grab by the federal government since the War of Northern Aggression."



A bitch's reaction...
Why oh why must Missouri Republicans continue these public display of affection for the Confederacy?

Fuck it - why continue the affection in their hearts and all?

‘Tis bad enough that this bitch fears driving while black through many portions of my state…and it sure as shit didn’t help when our ‘thank the gods that asshole’s no longer in office’ former Governor, Matt Blunt, decided to honor the Confederate fallen by ordering that the Confederate Flag to be flown over state property (ugh!)…

…but now we’ve got state reps casually dropping phrases like “the war of northern aggression” into debates over non-binding anti-choice resolutions in the hopes that such phrases will help him make the case that FOCA would be a "bad" power grab…’cause this asshole assumes that everyone agrees that the American Civil War was a "bad" power grab too.

Shit, a bitch watched this tape and half expected Stevenson to produce a dagger, raise his arm and shout “Sic semper tyrannis!”

And this is an example of the majority in power that will debate all kinds of binding shit once they suck the marrow out of the non-binding waste of time FOCA resolutions.

Lawd, have mercy!

If Rep. Stevenson says that rancid shit in public a bitch shudders to ponder what he says in private…what he thinks of women…what motivates his votes on health care, education, the environment and all the other things that may give comfort and assistance to the enemy he’s clearly still fighting.


And people wonder why this bitch is still angry.


MiniKat said...

Where the hell did he pick that phrase up? Had to be parents 'cause the textbooks my siblings and I were taught from (in MO)all called it the Civil War.

Of course he is from down around Joplin and with the exception of a few folks there are "attitudes" down there that make my hair curl.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling a bit of "Northern Aggression" toward this jackass right now.
Someone should feed his rancid ass to a polar bear. Except they've got enough problems.

Dr. Tracey Salisbury said...

LMAO! Thank you. I figured you would get to this dude in time.

Anonymous said...

I am a reader of several months and haven't commented before but I HAD to comment on this one.

This is craziness. I get so mad when I see things like this. I hate all of those, Civil War (maybe war of Southern Agression) pro-confederate people who run around saying "It's heritage, not hate." Bull hockey. Their ancestors were TRAITORS to the US government, and whether slave owning or not, were committed to a cruel, sick, explotative, inhumane treatment of their fellow humans. What in the world is there to celebrate about that?! They shold be ASHAMED and not even bring it up. In Germany they would NEVER let a bunch of buffons run around today celebrating Nazi's saying it was part of their heritage, so why does this stand here? SO ANNOYING.

Years ago I went on a tour of "haunted" places in Alexandria, VA and the tour guide obviously seeing me and my other 2 black friends, mentioned upon showing us the home or grave or something of Robert E. Lee that he was a fan of the confederacy! I was furious. I didn't say anything at the time (young and foolish) but I did write a scathing note to the company that did the tour about it, they gave me a refund, but the brazeness of it! One of my black friend's wasn't even upset by that! How can you be a fan of people who tried to destroy the United States? One word, RACISM. If anyone tried to pull somethng like that today and disrespect the nation over anything but mistreating and exploiting blacks or some other minority, your Rep would be in a tizzy but it was ok when it was his soda biscuit ancestors? GRRR.

Unknown said...

Fuck me running...insanity at it's best.

xobekim said...

They do a lot of lead mining down around Webb City. Looks like it has gotten back into the water supply. Plus you cannot ever underestimate stupidity. The man is not ignorant of the facts, he's just being stupid.

Miss Trudy said...

I was born in New Orleans and have lived most of my life in the South, and for the life of me, I still remain 100% bemused at the overall worship at altar of Confederacy that rises holy all over the region. I.JUST.DON'T.GET.IT

So, just one more instance, at the public forum level, of how entrenched racism--is it even racism? Seems like plain dumb-assedness to me---but how entrenched this whole ... thing... is to this day.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

A Bitch may be surprised to know that I've been to Webb City. (And all I can say is, turn back, before it's too late.) Your readers may not know (and may thank their lucky stars not to know) that there is erected in this small town a statue of a huge pair of praying hands. I kid you not. (I have a picture of me from my younger years flipping those sanctimonious hands the bird.)

I think it would be lovely to see Rep. Stevenson's fucking stupid white ass strung up from those fucking hands. That or, see one of those big fingers shoved so far up his ass he starts singing soprano. What a fucking 'tard.

Anonymous said...

So I am assuming that all of you were at the capital for this speech that was given?? Maybe before you constantly pull the race card actually listen to what this good smart and educated man has to say Miss bitch cause i think you missed the point. Oh well I guess ignorance doesn't only effect us republicans.

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised at the stuff that comes out of the mouths of rural district MO state legislators? MO has the highest number of churches and related institutions affiliated with "Christian Identity" white supremacist movement (California has fewer churches, more members). The senior church is in Pierce City MO, a sundown town.


Shark-Fu said...


Nice try.

My people call it YouTube and Rep. Stevenson's on tape...and we also have this nifty thing they call a transcript!

And that you think he has a point is the very definition of ignorance.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shark- I know they have transcripts, I was there and I have listened to them since..... His point was about illegal activity by the federal government encroaching on the states authority given to the people. The Civil War is an example of ILLEGAL ACTIVITY BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!

Representative Stevenson makes me happy, because it is men like him that keep IDIOTS like you out of politics. Guess I will be the only one getting a good nights sleep.

Anonymous said...

Oo and P.S. I love when people get pissed about generalizations and stereotypes but then have the audacity to get upset when stereotypes are imposed on them. One word: Hypocrite

Ooo and maybe you should call up representative Calloway who is GOOD friends of Stevenson's and was quoted in the Joplin Globe saying he is " a good guy."


Anonymous said...

Shark-Fu said...

Thanks for the link, Anonymous.

From Rep. Stevenson's comments it is clear that he really does feel the the Civil War was a war of "northern aggression."

His putting forth the idea that American slavery would have eventually ended anyway shows a lack of knowledge about the very power he's pissed off about the North trying to "grab"...and his assertion that a federal act that would codify a Supreme Court decision protecting the rights of Americans is an attempt to take power away from states is alarming.

Based on that logic I bet Stevenson feels that the Voting Rights Act was a power grab.

And where was he when the federal gov. actually did grab power from the states and the masses during the second coming of Bush?

Or is his concern raised only when power grabs deal with people of color and women?

Stevenson is an example of the kind of thinking that many Missourians cling to...and his attempt to smooth it over with some half-assed states rights v federal rights argument is bullshit.

But hey...he's sorta-sorry.


Shark-Fu said...


The foolish always sleep well.

And anyone who gets happy when their government spends two days debating a resolution against an Act that hasn't even been introduced for consideration by the federal government when they should be dealing with things like the economy, health care, education, our crumbling infrastructure and so on and so forth is a damn fool.

Move on, son...and take Stevenson with you.

David Carney said...

For the record, General Beauregard, leading professional troops from Charleston, SC, demanded the surrender of the Federal garrison at Fort Sumpter. When the Federal commander didn't surrender, the South Carolinians attacked.

These were the first shots of the Civil War: southern batteries shelling a Union fortification. This was not "northern aggression." This was northern, Federal troops being the targets of aggression by South Carolinians.

I learned this in 5th grade, but I never imagined I'd have to explain it to a 21st century elected official.

Anonymous said...

davidcarney, the problem is that no one knows much about history. They don't like it. It reminds them of all the bad things people have done. I've often found when bringing up history and the atrocities that people have been capable of (I especially love Medieval history), that it makes others uncomfortable and they try to disassociate anything that goes on now from what has gone on before now. But the thing is, it's really all the same, just a different day.

I'm from the south. North Carolina actually, and there are a lot of people, some in my family who really are interested in the Civil War. They like to read about it and go to reenactments and stuff. In fact, a bunch of my ancestors fought for the confederacy. I'm neither ashamed nor proud of that. I think that they were a product of their time, I did not live then, and so I do not know who I would have sided with had I been in their situation.

I've learned that in any conflict, no side is a saint. Both sides were wrong, the south for allowing slavery, and the north was wrong too, especially after the war, for the way they handled reconstruction, and for the way they treated blacks who came north after the war. They weren't exactly the modicum of progressiveness. They were racists as well.

The civil war was a tragedy, so many people died. And it continues to be a tragedy, because so many over simplify the entire ordeal and have it boil down to a matter of race and slavery.

more cowbell said...

No, actually, I don't wonder at all why a Bitch is angry.

If our young people were taught anything other than revisionist history in our schools, a lot more people would be angry.

xobekim said...

The Joplin Globe reports that a Webb City man distraught over his cable tv not working, during the digital switchover, SHOT THE TV!! See:

Yes, I am pretty sure the lead has gotten into the water supply. That doesn't rule out ignorance, stupidity, denial, or mass insanity. That only adds to those things.

Oldgrunt said...

How the hell can they even claim that the North started it when the South fired the first shots in Kansas!

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