Thursday, November 08, 2007

You can do it!

Okay Congress…see, you can do it…you can tell Scooter B. to take his veto and shove it where the law don't shine!

Nice veto override, y’all!

So….are you listening?....okay, ummm…NOW KEEP DOING IT!

For the love of all that’s holy…


Anonymous said...

Dig it, Shark-fu. But riddle me this: where were those seven absent motherfuckers who DID NOT vote on the veto override? I'm down with the override itself -- do not mistake -- but honestly, is this some bullshit or what? Our ELECTED motherfuckers can't even show up to do their jobs?? Um, I don't show up for a day and my ass is fired. .... blink, wink, wince, and I can't pay the bills. You smell what I'm cookin'?

Let's get the fuck back to why it matters to VOTE and why it matters to hold the feet of those elected to the fire -- they asked for my vote, I'm gonna give it to them, but not sans some heat! I'm tired of me and mine giving a damn every four years. I have to EAT between now and then and know that the food that passes between these lips isn't going to kill me or turn into some rufies (check the headlines re: the candies that turn into date-rape drugs; this BITCH ain't lyin'!). I have to know I'm gonna get some oil in my 100-gallon home tank that is NOT gonna cost me $3.30/gallon today--and that's subject to change just because some fat white fuckers decided it should and it is winter time so FUCK IT to the rest of us.

We shall overcome ... fuck that, we WILL TAKE OVER! the motto of the new millennium.

more cowbell said...

ooh, what's that ... a backbone?

S-CHIP, anyone?

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! I would love to see a few more vetoes wipe that smirk off W's face!

Infuriated Faggot said...

Uh, ABB, that's awesome news, however, can we get them to override a VETO that um, say, PREVENTS HEALTH CARE FROM GETTING TO CHILDREN?


Ugh, small steps. I know. Small steps. But Jesus.

We're congratulating people for doing THEIR JOB. It's like the trailer mother who says "I take care of my kiiiiids." Well, DUH. You're supposed to!

Okay, enough.

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