Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Weep no more my lady. Oh! Weep no more today!

Speaking of politics being local, some serious state-based shit went down in yesterday’s election.

And…well, hot damn Kentucky!

Go on with your yummified bourbon producing selves (wink)!

A bitch hopes to mimic your celebration same date next year here in Missouri when we put an end to Blunt Trauma!

Until then, this bitch will sing one song for the old Kentucky home…


ChristopherM said...

That's right, yay us! And it should be noted that we did it after:
1. The Republican incumbent posted the 10 Commandments in the Capital Building's rotunda on Sunday, the day after his week of demonizing immigrants;
2. The state Republican party had Pat Boone voice robo-calls warning voters that Steve Beshear is a San Francisco treat who's going to turn the state queer; and
3. Notorious gay-basher/holocaust revisionist activist Frank Simon had his group making robo-calls claiming to be from our state gay lobby group, encouraging voters to support Beshear so that gays can adopt and get married in Kentucky.

My people didn't take the bait. It's been a proud day over here...we'll be sending y'all some of the same mojo next year!

The Lazy Iguana said...

The Republicans really are in deep shit in 2008.

What do you want to bet the Democrats manage to screw this up?

And why are Republicans and the religious right so obsessed with gays? Do they think of anything else?

I think that there are a whole lot of closet cases in the religious right. They see a gay person and see themselves. They are ashamed at themselves and the urges they feel, so when they see someone out of the closet and happy they just can not stand it. They get angry and start foaming at the mouth. They hate themselves for the way they secretly feel, and so they take it out on others who are what they are.

In other words, they are self hating gays.

I think this because I spend exactly 0 seconds per day thinking about "the gays". When I see someone clearly WAY WAY out of the closet - it does not bother me. I am not angry or disgusted.

So what gives? Why are they so offended?

more cowbell said...

Ah, the election results. In my state (WA), the voters smacked down a proposal that would make it possible to approve school levies with a simple majority, rather than the current supermajority (2/3). Because we wouldn't want to actually invest in educating our citizenry. I'm so disappointed by that.

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