Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Apathy Robustus Political Dissatisfactionitis...

A bitch is currently fighting some kind of malaise.


I’m probably just tired from over work and disgusted because I spend too much time involved in all things political and all things political have been breaking a bitch’s heart and crushing my soul and blah followed by blah followed by blah.


Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck it, fuck it and another fuck!

I think I’ve caught Apathy Robustus Political Dissatisfactionitis.


But I’ve got work to do!

A bitch can’t afford to catch Apathy Robustus Political Dissatisfactionitis!


I need a cleanse…some kind of emotional flush that doesn’t actually result in hours upon or dangling over a toilet.


Okay, okay….okay, okay, okay.

Tonight I'll dine on some yummfied chicken pot pie…enjoy a few vodka crans…and polished the evening off with a screening of Eyes on the Prize.

That should shake it.

After all, the one thing we did right is the day we started to fight...


Christopher Chambers said...

Are you in a state, town, etc. with elections today? Ddi you go out and do the ancestors proud and vote for the clown of the your choice? ;-)

I am angry b/c I'd been seduced by Barack Obama and have now come to the realization that he's a mere lightweight. JFK without the cool/amazing/unscrupulous/genius/criminal folks who got JFK elected. I am angry b/c NASCAR dads and so-called Christians are beer-drinking and crusading us into a war with Iran, and no one can see the forest from the trees in Pakistan. I'm angry b/c black folks are getting crazier.

Phew...that felt good to get out...

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

Did you ever take a look at Politcal Compass? It had been sometime since my last visit and I wanted to pick up an HTML result of taking their test for myself. Well, they have the candidates in the 2007 primaries mapped and the results have contributed* to my own ARPD:

When examining the chart it is important to note that although most of the candidates seem quite different, in substance they occupy a relatively restricted area within the universal political spectrum. Democracies with a system of proportional representation give expression to a wider range of political views. While Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel are depicted on the extreme left in an American context, they would simply be mainstream social democrats within the wider political landscape of Europe. Similarly, Hillary Clinton is popularly perceived as a leftist in the United States while in any other western democracy her record is that of a moderate conservative.

*personally disgusted for some time by the realization all the top Democratic presidential candidates are well to the right of the majority of Americans not to mention yourself, myself and probably all regular ABB readers.

WARNING: Don't be consuming any unyummified chicken pot pie produced near St. Louis.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Ran across your blog...love the title.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Welcome to my world. Thinking about having to vote for one of the clowns running now just makes my head hurt. So I do not think about it. Once the primaries are over is when I get active. My $10 donation is not going to mean squat in a poop field to a candidate who raises close to $100 million - in the primaries!

This brings up another question. Shark-Fu, if I gave you $100 million and said "now go run for President - a job which requires you to be sober and alert and make complicated important life and death decisions daily - and by the way only pays $200,000 per year" would you:

A) spend all that money running for the job that will pay you less than $1 million in 4 years because your ego is larger than the planet.

B) take the money and bolt. Vanish. Disappear. Go live on some island. Buy a condo in Hawaii and say "job?!?! what is the meaning of that word?!?!" Buy a nice boat, and then just chill.

I would chose B. I do not get it. Really and truly. I do not understand this insanity. Bush did not have to get a job. He was born rich. His family is rich. He could still be a drunk coke snorter, and nobody would care. He could go to Amsterdam and get stoned like nobody has ever been stoned before - and not one person would look at the man twice because nobody would know who he was. But NOOOOOO. He had to go and get a job and stuff.

I promise you this. If I win the mega jackpot in Vegas no way in hell I would ever run for office. Take that to the bank.

Maya's Granny said...

Would it help to schedule one sanity day a week? The world can't go to hell in that handbasket any faster if you only fight it six days, and you will have more strength.

Disgusted in St. Louis said...

Lazy Iguana,

If Shark-Fu was given $100 million to run for President I would vote for her (I assume you would only be giving the maximum $2300 allowed by the FEC).

As for other people such as the current illegal inhabitants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, $100 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the at least $12 billion in cash from the Federal Reserve that vanished in Iraq.

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