Monday, November 26, 2007

Tis Monday…


A bitch hopes that everyone had a safe and fantabulous feastitude! I was blessed to be able to spend Thursday with family and friends…gorging on yummified food (Ryan, we just adored the bread pudding and by adored I mean inhaled it)…and sharing laughs while watching Ordinary People.


Good times.

I didn’t make it to Smoke Signals but shall view that sometime this week!

This bitch had to work Friday (sob) and then…well, I crashed. Mmmmhmmm, I basically took to my couch-based area for the weekend and slept. Lawd, I must have needed a rest.


Brother Rob Thurman was among those who graced a bitch’s feastitude gathering with his fantabulous presence. As is his habit when visiting he asked to check out the cable news channels to see what’s on. Brother Rob doesn’t do cable/satellite/any of that shit. So, I clicked over to FOX (shudder) which was an O’Reilly repeatification and then we took a look at Glenn Beck of the An Unfortunate Long Term Contract Becks on CNN (ugh). Suffice it to say a bitch wasn’t surprised by the content of either show but my ass is glad Brother Rob asked to watch.


Yes, I said my ass is glad I watched that shit.

Stretch…crack neck…continue…

Many a visitor to this bitch’s blog has asked why the fuck I bother watching The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN…ummm, NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press or This Week with Georgie S…oh, and Face the Nation too. And I probably haven’t explained myself for a spell…must be due.

Being partisan is about feeling right. The passion comes from conviction and the conviction has us seek out others who share our values and too much of that single source diet can sour into intellectual poison.

Catch that knee before it jerketh and puts someone’s eye out!

Catch it!


Okay, where was a bitch?

Oh yes…passion, conviction and intellectual poison.

If we believe in something we should not fear debate and we must not shy away from arguments. More importantly, being oh so fucking right about everything is meaningless if we isolate ourselves on our enlightened mountains and gaze down upon our fellow Americans with disdain and contempt.

We are all subject to the will of the majority and common sense should have partisans on all sides consuming the media of the masses to better understand why they think the way they do and how they can be made to see the light.

Go ahead…a bitch highly recommends it. Okay, maybe not FOX (makes a bitch break out in hives like a beauty pageant contestant wearing floor length silk drenched in pepper spray)…but too many of us avoid mainstream news like the plague even as that shit is shaping the beliefs of millions.

If the faithful are going to really bring about change then we’re going to have to understand where society is, how they got there and what lies they hold true that require debunkification.

So, a nod of the Afro goes to Brother Rob Thurman for reminding a bitch to tune in to the media machines of the dark side more often.

There is nothing like an hour of Glenn Beck to sharpen thy bitchitude...


Frogspond said...

Amen SisterBitch!

Too much of one thing prevents the possibility of new ideas. Including that sometimes on very rare occations that one comes from the "right" side of the political spectrum.

Too often I forget that if I want the "other" to understand me, I need to understand the "other". Whoever that may be...

SagaciousHillbilly said...

AB, "Smoke Signals" is great. Also try "Powwow Highway."

An hour of Glenn Beck?! Oh my, no wonder you sound a bit "testy" at times. I can't take 10 seconds of that moron. I get enough right wing propaganda from the mainstream media news.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Glenn Beck, O'Reily and all the other yahoos, think they are fare, balanced and unbiased. Theirs is some of the most biased work out there and they leave no room for discussion on their shows because they do not really want to have discussions they just want to have beat downs. I am so sad right now about all things political. I have turned off the televion and am trying to find my way out this talespin called the "American Dream."

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful post about the divisive nature of our nation at this point in time.

Thank you Shark-fu for pointing it out..god knows I am one of those that refuse to listen to what the 'other side' of the aisle has to say..

I wish to post this at that ok? long time no email from you.

Shark-Fu said...

Hey Dusty!

Sorry to be out of touch but things have been insane.

Feel free to cross post at Sirens!

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