Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A quick note...

Okay, so a bitch has noticed an increase in the number of 'this world has gone to shit...fuck it!' comments lately.


As much as I agree that things are beyond fucked up, a bitch just can’t settle on that position and set up camp.

I’m political because politics is personal. I give a shit about policy, candidates and causes because policy, candidates and causes impact me and mine. Thus, a bitch can not afford to holla and throw up both my hands (wink).

And neither can y’all.

Rather than dwell on what isn’t and build a case for what will not be, I hope that we the people can see what could be and build a case for how we can make that shit happen.

A bitch truly believes that there are powers at play that encourage voter apathy and that seek a disinterested electorate so that they won’t have to answer to the masses.

And who the fuck wants to make The Man’s day?

***pause and listen to the sound of crickets getting their grove on***

Okay then!

This bitch recommends that we all explore what matters to us, why it matters and how policy/government plays a role in that shit. Then we need to evaluate local, state and federal candidates based on how their positions match up to that shit.

Ask questions…get involved…challenge staffers and supporters…and be citizen activists.

What matters to you?

Why do you vote?

What do you hope for…

…and what do you fear?

Let’s not get so caught up in the Presidential elections or federal fuck ups that we forget that politics is local and we have a role to play where we stay.

Otherwise, we’re all going to wake up this time next year to the sound of The Man getting his party on…again.


The Lazy Iguana said...

I have pretty much given up on national politics. I only get to vote for one representative and two senators.

State level politics is a little more promising. A little.

Now local level politics is where it is at! I can actually go to my County Commissioner and say "hey man, you suck!" and he (Javier Souto by the way) has to listen to me. Even though I do not think Commissioner Souto sucks. That was just an example. He is actually not that bad. I did not vote for the current Mayor (he had a R by his name) but I have decided he is not such a bad guy either. I will vote to re-elect the dude.

I still have a lot of hope for local politics.

And there ARE forces out there that encourage voter apathy. But they target who they try to spread the message of apathy to. You can bet that the wealthy fancy Country Club membership having golf playing set ARE voting.

I do not miss an election - even if I am borderline apathetic. I always take the time to go and vote. Always. No excuse.

Maya's Granny said...

Exactly. I am going to link to this post and send some folks to read it; you say it better than almost anyone could.

Anonymous said...

Local politics in our little corner of PA have been..interesting...the last couple of years. Put intelligent design in the high school biology class? The entire school board got thrown out. Legislators give themselves and judges a HUGE pay hike in a middle-of-the-night session? We repealed the pay raise and threw a bunch of bums out of office.
Try to take a farm away from a family by eminent domain, and turn it into a park for the rich folks? Couple of county commissioners got thrown out of office Tuesday. They didn't take a hint..when they lost the primary, they ran as write-in candidates. They still lost. I was pleased. :-)

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