Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Its light, small and comes in colors…

You hush now!

A bitch is talking tasers not erotic accessories (wink).

Brother Rob Thurman tipped this bitch off about the Taser Party story and I got a good laugh out of it.

The woman in the story says that having a light and colorful taser makes her feel more confident.


I have to admit that angle worries me because most violent crimes are committed by someone you know not the wild eyed stranger you’d never pause to tas within an inch of her or his crazy life.

Mayhap we should be hosting a few 'girl, that motherfucker is dangerous' parties along with the taser-based gatherings?

Just a thought.


Women hosting parties so that law enforcement can demonstrate the safest way to get your tas on without killing somebody?

Smart, except that vodka crans are probably a no no with all those light and colorful tasers about.

Tasers being marketed as the new must have weapon for women?

That’s just sad.


The Lazy Iguana said...

This is awesome. At first I thought "that is not a tazer! It is just a stun gun". But then I clicked the links and saw the video - sure enough those ARE tazers! But they do not look like a Glock.

I wonder what the range on those thongs is? 10 feet? 15 feet? I also like the fact they have backup electrodes on the tip in case you miss with the metal prongs and have to get down and dirty at close range.

What the hell is wrong with society?

clnmike said...

Hello nice blog.

"The woman in the story says that having a light and colorful taser makes her feel more confident."

I would think the ability to zapping a fool out of his senses would be all the confidence you would need.

Maya's Granny said...

Living in a rain forest, I have umbrellas to match my outfits -- turquoise, lilac, navy, green, gray. All with cute little duck heads on them, since I was working with families when I bought them and the kids liked them.

Maybe I could do the same with tazers? Match my weapon to my blouse.

I think that when we start considering the color of our self-defense devices something is seriously wrong. I want to be strong and able to defend myself and still cute and feminine? I'll taz you but I don't want you to think I'm not a lady?

Robert Rouse said...

Oh please, please, someone has to come up with a national ad campaign for these. Maybe the same company that came up with the multi color Macs a few years back. Maybe get Prince to do a version of "Little Pink Tasette".

Hey, I'm just sayin' ...

Anonymous said...

Yanno, it's an out and out crying shame I don't have Photoshop because what's kickin' around in my head right this moment reading this particular post is a mash-up of that old tag line from those Secret deodorant commercials:

Strong enough for a PSYCHOPATH, but made for a lady

Only, if I were to manufacture them, and in such uber-cute-cute colors too, I'd have a special setting on them for those "special moments" when a gal wants to taze her own ass... or "nether regions."

Perhaps I've said too much.

PS: If anyone DOES play around and Photoshop that idea, please link back to me... I'd love to see the handiwork.

Anonymous said...

PS: And you JUST KNOW some fool will taze themselves for curiosity and *AHEM!*"release."

Joolya said...

It's the pearl-handled revolver for the 21st century!

Weirdly, my mom really wants a taser, mostly because she wants to see what it does. Her big idea is to go to the mall (Friday after Thanksgiving would be the perfect day) and just very discreetly taser random people in the crowd, such as annoying 15-year-old boys in order to observe the effects.

She rightly assumes that no one she knows would actually volunteer to be tasered to satisfy her curiousity and - after nearly 60 years of never having had to taser anyone - does not feel as though her curiousity could wait for the off-chance of being assaulted to try it out. (Not to mention, if she were actually being mugged, she might be too upset and distracted to adequately observe the taser's effects.)

So one guess what my mom is NOT getting from Santa this year!

Anonymous said...

Hm I thought they were colored cutesy so maybe no one would know what they were if they saw inside your purse for a second....? Having a cleverly camo'd taser would make many feel more confident.

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