Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A bitch's healthcare challenge...

Today is Dining Out for Life day in St. Louis, so a bitch is beyond busy hosting and eating and hosting and eating and then eating some more.


Dining Out for Life is a St. Louis Effort for AIDS fundraiser that raises money through restaurant donations and individual donations too. If you don’t already have plans for dinner, join us at The Royale on S. Kingshighway (hosted by Brother Rob and the fantabulous Ms. Joyce).

If you don’t live in St. Louis you can still support St. Louis Effort for AIDS through online donations.

Moving forward overly full from lunch and breakfast (mercy!)…

Dickie C. (Vice President Dick Cheney to the uninitiated) went into the hospital because of a persistent cough and wound up having his upper heart area jump started. It seems that his heart rate was irregular and they used shock therapy to help it gets its rhythm back.

Oh my!

Good to know that the Vice President continues to benefit from the best healthcare our tax dollars can buy.


A bitch hasn’t endorsed candidates through this site, but I would be willing to endorse the Presidential candidate who publicly pledges to propose and advocate the following reform…

…that all federal and state government employees shall have healthcare as a benefit that is no better than, no more comprehensive than nor any less comprehensive than the current Medicaid coverage offered to the American citizens they serve.

Blink once more.


It is a motherfucking shame that the Vice President of the United States of America went to work today because he has healthcare coverage funded through the fruit of our labor but someone lost a loved one yesterday due to the lack of that same precious benefit.

Note - a bitch is in no way saying that Dickie C. shouldn't be going to work today but is calling for equal access to comprehensive healthcare. So, and I'm speaking directly to Mr. The Man from that government agency that shall not be named who logs on daily between 3pm and 5pm EST, there is no need to get your rendition on with this bitch.


Show me the candidate with the courage to propose that kind of keeping it real reform and the backbone to push until it is reality and I’ll walk my feet raw in support of them!

But I fear my feet are safe for now…


Midgetqueen said...

I wholeheartedly second you on this one!

(also I'd totally be there if I were in STL instead of Evansville, IN. Will make a contribution, though it can't be much presently as I've still got no job and rent's due soon!)

Jeffrey Ricker said...

Of course, my first thought on hearing that news snippet this morning was, "He has a heart?"

Anonymous said...

You've got your very own Mr. The Man? Congratulations, girl! ABBitude rules!

Anonymous said...

Yah jeff that was my question too, and is his heart more precious than ours? When I need an ecg I have to line up and wait my turn and be damned happy that I can,how come war criminals get preferrential treatment?

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

They were just updating his software and probably changing-out the silicone valve-seals and O-rings for the mechanical chambers that he calls a "heart," the evil-cyborg-built-by-Prescot-Bush-and-the-SS-back-in-1929 motherfucker.

And preach on, mah sistah, preach on. And yes, I actually talk like that. So sue me. So who can we get, is there a real-live congress-critter who could actually translate-it-into-legalese and put it before the lazy motherfuckers who claim to represent US?!?!?

Jim Webb, maybe. I wish to hell that John Edwards was still in the senate, 'cause he's the only person outside of NYC who's talking about POVERTY IN THIS COUNTRY, which, if you ask the yuppie scum redneck republicunts, ONLY EXISTS 'CAUSE PEOPLE ARE TOO LAZY TO GET "GOOD" JOBS, why can't they do any better than the "service industry,"? If they really cared about their kids, they'd buy insurance, dammit, forget about electricity and rent, GET THAT PRIVATE-CORPORATION INSURANCE!

Okay, enough blathering from me.

Good work, woman. Sorry that it's been so damned long since I've been here, but I'm glad that I came back tonight. Jaye reminded me about you, and here I am. So send ol' gal some love if you can.

LiberalDemDave said...

That candidate is JOHN EDWARDS, so endorse away, my sister!

A YouTube ad:

THE press release:

He's actually the most PROGRESSIVE of all the candidates and is correct on th issues! He's the only candidate, EVER, with a comprehensive HIV/AIDS plan!!!

(Can you tell I love me some John?)

Here's his issues page:

From that page you can download his EIGHTY PAGE .pdf on the issues and what his plans are...

Anonymous said...

I'll walk right along with you, if that candidate ever appears.

Cheney doesn't have a heart. His battery just wore down. He's keeping Energizer in business.

LiberalDemDave said...

John Edwards has repeated that he will do whatever he can to stop Congress' FREE health care until UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE becomes the law!


He doesn't say things once then walk away from them!

Anonymous said...


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