Thursday, August 16, 2007

You say correction, I say recession…you say recession but I say depression…oh, let’s call this fucked up shit off!

The markets are tumbling from their artificial high and you would have thought someone cancelled Christmas this year.


There may be stories about lead paint covered toys, trapped miners and genocidal car bombings in Iraq…but nothing inspires a sense of urgency in Americans like money, honey.

A bitch has always been annoyed with financial news. I can’t stand all the splitting of hair and unnecessary use of charts (wink). But what really turns me off is how the American economy is so often analyzed as if it is separate from the lives of Americans.

This correction/recession/depression is a reminder that the foundation of our economy is the people...and when the people lose their homes, can't pay their bills and can't find jobs the economy and markets will suffer.

Scooter B. has been coasting on an economic policy pass for two motherfucking terms. Do you remember how those financial shows gorged themselves on that “ownership society” shit?


Spend, spend and spend again…and never you mind that your credit is fucked and the bill’s got to come due eventually.

So here we are, with the markets gone to shit and industry soon to follow...and the President on vacation, both literally and figuratively.

And allow me to proactively address any defense of Scooter B. regarding this economic drama…he bathed in the economy when he thought it was public relations gold so his rancid lame duck ass is going to have to soak in it now that it’s been revealed to be liquid shit.


These markets better settle or this bitch is going to have to count pennies for vodka!

Brother can you spare some cran?


Too Cool for School said...

Damn and here I thought the market only went in one direction. :p

ps don't sell

GayProf said...

What bothers me is that I don't actually that most Americans yet realize how bad things really are. First, you have pundits saying things like, "Well, if you don't count the price of food and fuel, inflation hasn't been that bad." That must be great news to a family of four. What does it matter that the two major categories that take up their money have risen sky high?

Second, the dollar is becoming increasingly worthless on the world market. It has lost so much ground against the pound and the Euro (and even the Canadian dollar!) that we should be very concerned. Nobody really wants to talk about that little bit of grim news, though.

Unknown said...

The Fed's bullshit move yesterday to shore up the banks really jerked my chain. Giving them a small break in the interest rate so they can loan MORE money to people that can't afford to pay it back when the economy hits the shitter completely..thats a great idea!


Unknown said...

Greetings ABB!

I have reposted this today over at Sirens. I didn't use your picture because I wasn't sure you would be comfortable with that..but I do use a picture.

have a good Tuesday you fantastic woman!

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