Monday, August 27, 2007

The bathroom stall, the Senator, some foot tapping and an arrest...

Senator Larry Craig of Idaho tried to get his George Michael on this past June?

Hush your mouth!

Daaaammmn, this bitch needs to read Roll Call more often.


It was recently revealed that a certain Senator Larry Craig of Idaho was arrested for lewd conduct in a Minneapolis men's bathroom and plead guilty.

Okay, so lewd conduct could mean a lot of things and maybe he wasn't trying to get his George Michael on.

Umm, Roll Call reported the statement of the arresting officer...which reads a lot like the Gentleman from Idaho isn't a stranger to bathroom boogie etiquette.

Foot tapping as a mating call?

Who the fuck knew?!?

This bitch would have assumed he was just getting his groove on whilst taking a dump.


Anyhoo, this bitch decided to get to know Senator Craig through his voting record.

Let's see...Senator Craig voted no on prohibiting job discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation. He voted yes on prohibiting same-sex marriage. He voted no on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation so it comes as no surprise that he also voted no on adding sexual orientation to the definition of hate crimes. And Senator Craig voted yes to recommend a Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.


Oh my.

With that kind of anti-LGBT equality voting record a bitch can come to only one conclusion.

Senator Craig was probably trying to get some in that airport men's room.


Anonymous said...

You know... If I was a guy, I would be TERRIFIED to go into any men's room on capitol hill.

I'm just saying.


Senator Craig's Peeney said...

Well better thing to do after a long flight than a good old ride on a meat rocket? LOL. Another RepubliCon closet case comes out of the closet - the hard way.

Dusty said...

WTF is with these closet cases? Jesus Christ in a speedo..they are whackjobs of the highest order.

Good writeup rock as always!

Leota2 said...

Ummmm, huh . . . . .
I'd say the senator was trying to get busy.

It's Me... Maven said...

Mayhaps he was just trying to get his Paul Reubens on?

Hahn at Home said...

Ya' know, it's like I said, when will those damned Republicans realize that 10% is 10% - 10% of queers are bound to be Republican--they'll just be the ones getting caught.

justice58 said...

What is with these hypocritical jerks!

Maya's Granny said...

So, can we assume he's a Republican? With the combination of being in the closet and that voting record, what else are we to believe.

claire said...

What about the part where Craig says that he "has a wide stance" and so may have inadvertently rubbed up against the cop's foot. What else could the "wide stance" excuse be used for.....?

Homer said...

I think this is one of those "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" moments. My fav part was that Senators actually have business cards to show off. Who knew?

Mike S said...

This just shows how little Republicans think about their actions. An iota of brain effort would tell them it'd be far easier to switch parties, come out, and get elected by being a champion of the people. Oops, I forgot, probably can't make it financially without all those corporate bribes. Uh,I meant to say political contributions, everyone knows they'd NEVER allow themselves to be bought:)

Red7Eric said...

Craig has been picking up men for a little sump'n-sump'n in the toilets at DC's Union Station for YEARS.

This was a long time coming, but the story is as old as the hills.

And of COURSE he has an anti-gay voting record. People who are honest with the world about who they are and have nothing to hide have no reason to fear the gays. Craig, on the other hand ... {click}.

Dusty said...

Off topic but good news ABB!

Judge issues a TRO against MO law regarding abortion centers:

Ryan said...

As someone who had to cut his gay teeth in the late 80s in places like this, I can tell you there is no denying what the foot tapping and 'wide stance' was all about. His excuse smells of rancid bullshit, much as his choice of location to get his nut off. I am sick of these gays who are too terrified to ever move beyond the hidden rendezvous and closeted back alley behavior of our teens, and stand up to be counted.

It should be proven that he's gay, and that every vote against gay rights was self-hatred based, and then every one of his votes should be retroactively overturned.