Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So I lied...

As usual, a bitch is way early for my flight to Albuquerque.

Getting to the airport too early is just my way (wink). So, I decided to kill some time and catch up on the news...which resulted in my seeing this shit...which prompted my ass to post.


Elizabeth Edwards, wife of candidate John Edwards, is in the news for recent comments made to Ziff Davis Media. Specifically, she said "we can't make John black, we can't make him a woman" and "those things get you a certain amount of fundraising dollars".

Blink...close eyes and pray for patience...okay, continue.

This bitch has grown fond of Elizabeth Edwards for her keeping it real style...such as her calling out of The Queen of Rancidity, Ann Coulter. But, uh...hmmm.

The topic she was discussing was the role that the internet is playing in this pre-race race-like marathon to the White House. I must agree that the ability to reach voters through web based interaction has helped candidates unable to run expensive television spots.

And I'll agree that Clinton and Obama have been getting the media's attention because they are considered historically significant (though Clinton is not the first woman to run for the nomination of a major party nor is Obama the first black person to do the same).


Wouldn't it be amazing if the two things that used to guarantee a candidate would not be taken seriously turned into the things that get a candidate taken seriously?


Can you imagine the response if being black made the difference in Presidential races? And wouldn't that just be some crazy assed shit? Fade cream would be replaced by over the counter blackness in a bottle pills in a heartbeat!



Anonymous said...

so funny...luv your style.

Mahala said...

This reminds me of something I read the other day (not sure why, but anywho..) Did you read about that woman who just had her 17th child and would like to have more? There have been Discovery Channel specials about them, they receive all kinds of help from the community etc. I mean, to each his own but, it made me wonder what the community's reaction would be if this were a black family.

Just a thought.

I may have to tackle this on my own blog lol.

Anonymous said...

For more

"John Edwards is a phony"

Best, AOB

Anonymous said...

She forgot to mention, "we can't make John pretty enough without a $400 haircut"...

Have fun in Albuquerque

Ant Annie in Pittsburgh

Barry Ingram said...

I am a regular at Rude Pundit, and thanks to your stellar pinch-hitting for him while he's getting tequila'ed up and pinching innocent girls' asses, I'm a regular reader of you, too.

Keep swinging the hammer!


GayProf said...

Oooh -- I hope that you like Albuquerque (GayProf's hometown, don't you know?). The city itself is not that pretty, but it is surrounded by lots of natural beauty. If you are looking for a good place to eat, I recommend Barela's Coffee House on 4th St (located near the Hispanic Cultural Center). It's great!

Also, if you are near the university, you should stop by the Fronteir Resteraunt for a cinnamon bun. You won't be sorry. Avoid the "John Wayne Room," though.

Liz Dwyer said...

This makes me think about how self tanner is flying off the shelves these days...but I wonder if it would if it contained a, "May cause permanent darkening of the skin" type of disclaimer.

Unknown said...

lol..Bravo cut through the bullshit with a style all your own woman!

I like Mrs. Edwards but I also know she like every other spouse is playing the election game..therefore...some of what she says has to smell like bullshit..its only normal for politics.

But it's still wrong.

Anonymous said...

I actually didn't find Elizabeth Edwards comment offensive (and this particular Black Bitch is usually up in arms about something racial. However, I'm sure the Repugs will take that out of context and add a splash of fake concern for the helpless women and negroes (oh you know they think that). But really the reason John Edwards is less visible is because the Republicans WANT to run against Hillary (especially), or Obama, and have enlisted their media cronies to help them. They know uppity blacks and mouthy women don't fly well in the flyover states. Their current crop of bastards'only hope is based on homegrown Amerikkan bigotry and sexism. If Edwards had the same finanical backing and media spotlight Hil and Bam had, he'd be a way more likely winner.

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