Wednesday, August 08, 2007

On the road again...

UPDATE - A bitch has arrived! Very pretty...and I adore the mountains too! Thanks for the food-based advice!

A bitch will be traveling to Albuquerque to attend the Equality Federation's Summer Thang, so bitchitude shall be delayed.

My flight will probably be delayed too (wince).


But I've never been to Albuquerque, so this bitch is looking forward to travel-based exploration!

Toodles for now...


LauraJMixon said...

You're coming to my neck of the woods, then! Cool!

Neil' said...

I'm wondering, what do you think of Obama? He appeals to me, but I worry about the experience thing.
Also, how do you think the illegla immigration mess affects black people? I would say, probably it's negative, for increasing labor pool and depressing low-end wages.
tx and enjoy the Land of Enchantment.


Meg said...

The best restaurant in Albuquerque is Las Mananitas-the building is over 300 years old, used to be a stagecoach stop, bordello, and other things in its lifetime. Said to be haunted, though I've only felt the good feeling of a happy tummy. Go eat at Las Mananitas (and be sure to try the Posole, a yummy soup.)

Christopher said...

I'm so jealous! I lived in Abq for almost four years, and I miss it like crazy. Las Manitas is indeed delicious. I also enjoy Los Cuates. Their salsa is not great, but they have these delicious stacked blue corn enchiladas with green chile. I would sell my mom for some of those right now!

prof black woman said...

I know I am late on this, but please have a stuffed sopapilla with green for me! It sad but I like el patio, it is near the big campus there. You can also get the most amazing breakfast burrito (again choose green) near broadway and central, it is a little place but they always put out a sign and they have the most amazing little garden in the back with cobblestones and a water fountain . . . And if you are in to art, do not forget to stop by the National Hispanic Cultural Center and see their exhibits, stop in the small store too and you can look at the Afro-Mestizo exhibit book from the exhibit they did a while ago. Last, go to old town and check out the seemingly small store across from the walgreens, the women there are super nice, the coffee is yummy and free, and you can get all kinds of cute little goodies (and the best price on spicy sugar cookies) to take back with you.