Monday, August 27, 2007

Shall we sing?

A bitch's thoughts on the resignation of Attorney General Gonzales...interpreted through the music of Ms. Dolly be sung Whitney Houston style (wink).


If you
Had stayed
You would have only been in the laws way
So you’ll go
But I know
I'll think of you every step of the way

And I...
Will always hate you
Will always hate you


Bitter ass
That is all you’re getting from me
So good-bye
Please do cry
We both know you’re not what the nation needs

And I...
Will always loathe you
Will always loathe you
You, ooh

[Sax solo…yeah, I know it’s a wee bit inappropriate, but...]

I hope
Karma is vicious
And I hope you get exactly what you've earned
I wish you wretchedness!
And unemployment
But above all this
I wish you to be judged...oh, yes judged

And I...
Will always hate you
Will always hate you

I, I will always
Hate you....
You...asshole I hate you
I'll always
I'll always
Resent the hell out of your rancid unethical good ole boy ass!

Fuck you…..!


Too Cool for School said...

Just a drive by post to tattle:
CNN is reporting that the administration will nominate Chertoff to succeed Gonzeles.
See link:
And see link for Gawker snark:
Bush is pathologically incapable of reaching outside of his TX crony circle. Justice shmustice. What a pathetic little man.

Mike S said...

Sadly, he'll live in luxury the rest of his worthless existance.

Hammer said...

hey ABB! Woohoo!

One that sax solo played by Bill Clinton?


Anonymous said...

Encore, encore.. Except of course for the fact that the only "judging" he's likely to see is when Bush NOMINATES him as a judge...

Eliza524 said...

Can you make that into a music video a la Condilicious? lol

Anonymous said...

The bitch is on fire!

Kick him in the nuts for me too.

Vodka crans all 'round!

Unknown said...

Hell, after reading this..I will get you drunk for gratis ABB!

I second Eliza btw..:P

cwilcox said...

LOL! How do you really feel ABB, Don't hold back!

Me. Here. Right now. said...

Allelujah, allelujah, alle-lu-jah

Frogspond said...


An awesome way to start my day!

Thank you!!

P.S. Ironic that the word verification was "nofackt" Just like this administration.

TwinsGoddess said...

That was so beautiful, I think I need a tissue.

Jane Know said...

hahaha! awesome.

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