Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another asshole heading our way...

A certain Bradley Schlozman is leaving his post as council to the Executive Office of United States Attorneys. Texans may know him as one of the redistricting minions. Missourians know Bradley from his U.S. Attorney days and the bizarre violation of Justice Department rules in 2006 (he tried to charge liberal voter registration groups with election fraud before the election).


As a matter of fact, that strange rule breakage is allegedly what won Bradley the U.S. Attorney job…or I should say his willingness to break rules…or mayhap The Man just judged him to be the unethical slug he appears to be. Anyhoo, Brad got the gig after Todd Graves refused to sign off on some sort of lawsuit involving state voter rolls.

Oh my, what a coincidence!

Oh, but wait…it gets better.

Graves was out and Schlozman was in and...gasp!...the lawsuit was signed off on!

Mmmhmm, I ain’t lying.

They went forward with the suit and lost despite Schlozman’s backing from his new Justice Department perch in D.C. (they are appealing…’cause they have nothing better to do, right?...mercy!).

Now what in the world was going on in Missouri during the 2006 election that would inspire such…

…ah, the Senate race!

My goodness, that’s what hell of a coincidence (blink followed by blink).

Well he’s gone…and apparently trying to score a law firm job in the Midwest.


Which pisses me this Midwestern bitch off!

We haven’t even started cleaning up from recent floods and now comes news of more sludge heading our way…


Dusty said...

See, this IS news and its only on the damn ABC is that shit?

This is what the voting public who gets all their news from the 30 second soundbites on ABC, NBC and CBS each and every fucking night need to see.

But the wont..and its wrong.

Maya's Granny said...

I agree with Dusty. We never see this stuff on television news or read it in the newspaper. Thank God for blogs.

Mike S said...

Found you through Red Hog and Hahn at Home. They were both right about the site. Added it to my 'to read daily' list. I'm from Maine, rest assured the Bushes about as popular here as Martha Stewart and the bubonic plague are:)

Frogspond said...

We here in DC tried to keep the sludge contained but well, I guess we shouldn't have gotten the Army Corps of Engineers to do the work.

Our Bad!

Paula Blanton said...

We don't need any others in MO- please spare us!