Friday, August 03, 2007

Feeling Howard Beale-ish...

This bitch woke up feeling a wee bit Howard Beale-ish.


No, I don’t plan to blow myself up on national television (wink)…but this bitch is tired as hell of this shit.

I understand the appeal of a word-based sorta- debate over a hypothetical nuclear response to a not yet real scenario. This bitch even understands that politicians running neck & neck in certain straw poll adoring states welcome random speculation that may inadvertently make them appear to have a fucking clue about all things national security based and diplomatic.

I get that…I really do.


Could one of these candidates please, pretty please, talk about the shit that is already going on? Is it too much to ask for a candidate running during a war to focus on the war we are currently fucking up rather than engage in several rounds of bullshit over a war no one in their right mind wants to start?

Heaven to hell and back again, a bitch just wants take out the Merciless Rod of Correction and whoop some sense into y’all!

…didn’t I tell you (whack) ‘bout talking crazy (whack) when the whole motherfucking world is watching (whack) and they already think we’re crazy (whack)?...




Clearly they can’t guide themselves.

Mayhap I should assist?

America is at war. Rational people want it to end. Given the fact that our current President is living a delusion, it will likely end under the next President.

What the hell do you plan to do?

Cue sound of nighttime crickets.


Well, no wonder!

There’s been an outbreak of Bullshit complicated by a severe Original Thought deficiency.

Ouch. That’s got to itch like a motherfucker!

All y’all need to shut the fuck up for 24 hours…watch Thirteen Days followed by War Games…take two doses of Audacious Hope and a tablespoon of The Courage of Your Convictions and sleep this Bullshit off.

Gawd, I need a drink…


The Double-U Show said...

you couldn't be more right. it's really really important to focus on the task at hand. They're talking about all of these things that have never even happened before like universal health care instead of figuring out a way to keep us safe from Al-Qaeda and how to bring our troops home. It's nice that they TOUCH on these things so we know where they stand, but being a president isn't about hopes and dreams, it's about being our leader

Hammer said...

I feel your pain ABB. I wish to Christ that someone would be a LEADER for the U.S. and not just some fucking puppet talking about shit that doesn't really apply...
And further more, regarding Nukes, a GOOD leader uses DIPLOMACY- that's right DIPLOMACY- to make sure that shit doesn't happen.

in the words of Jolie Rickman...

"I believe it's the right time for a SUBLIME detonation and a new begining!"

Peace babe!


Queen Indecisive. said...

Am I crazy for loving Gravel? He's the only candidate saying: get the hell out of Iraq now, they're asking us to leave, what is our problem?!

That man scares me in a (mostly) good way.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Merciless Rod of Correction! I so want one. I tell ya, it is just refreshing to hear anyone speak the truth. Living a little further South than you, I gots me some dumb-ass rednecks down here that still think Scooter is the best president ever and that will threaten your ass if you even hint at troop removal. Sigh.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

ABB: Kelso checking in after seeing link on Rude Pundit. For background Kelso is a Jewish guy, who grew up in a Puerto Rican neighborhood as a boy so...when McCain, Kyl, Goodlatte, Gonzales, Mueller, Leach and the crown prince Frist saw to it that Kelso could no longer ply his trade, i.e., quantitatively-based sports betting legally in the United States, he expatriated to Panama to take advatage of legality of such and Kelso's own bi-lingualism without corny Americcan accent.

Sorry for long intro. I'm really asking about Obama because the Rude Pundit and David Sirota seem like the only Obama skeptics out there besides me. Why does Obama give me hives? [other than that he jobbed Jesse Jackson, Jr., out of that Senate seat]. He seems like a religious freak. His politics put him to the right of most of the Republican moderates, and he doesn't look like he has a clue out there. I've already bet a nice piece laying a net price of $2.30 to win $1 that he doesn't get the nomination.

Give me an ANGRY BLACK BITCH reason why I'm wrong. Please?

Mr. Natural said...

Remember Hillary's "great right wing conspiracy"? It was true, of course, but it sure went away as soon as she miraculously became a senator, didn't it?
I don't know who the hell this Rollins guy is, but he says our frustrations so succinctly! Oh NAUGHTY LANGUAGE.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Fair enough, it's Obama all the way for you, I reckon. I get it. Won't darken your blog with any more "unscheduled theologies".

Que todo te cae muy bien y estaras muy contendada con el nuego Clarence Thomas pero claro que no puede pasar ni la Hillary ni el Edwards porque la Obama es marica y unn hueco a lo menos. No eres cabreada, eres en plan seguiente de la raza. Pue' buenisimo. Yo vote con Ralph Nader contra El Lieberman porque no podia auguantar el judio lechego. Tienes, llamar de nuevo tu blog TRAQUILA FACHA Y RELIGIOSA NEGRA y pasa con la trampa esta ANGRY BLACK BITCH porque no eres.



LaborPayne said...

Your blog is hysterical. Good writing AND good humor is hard to come by in the blogosphere.

Shark-Fu said...

Kelso's nuts...

Ummm...where to start?

M'dear a bitch is skeptical of all politicians and I question everything about all of them.

I have not endorsed anyone so this bitch is a little lost as to how you made the jump you did...mayhap thou is a wee bit quick of the knee to jerketh?

A bitch does like certain things from certain candidates just as I loathe certain things from the same candidates.

On with all of those running...question, debate and demand then decide.

But it is time that we the people demonstrate some of the same complexity of analysis we mouth off about wanting to see from these people.

Toodles to you...

Anonymous said...

Found my way to your site via the Sam Seder Show (Air America). Hot ish!
My site is

- HaveNCredible

Joe said...

I thank a bitch for blogging about this. I couldn't believe my motherfucking eyes were reading about that shit in the newspaper when I saw it. And it pisses me off that there's even an issue of painting any candidate as "wimpy" or "unpresidential" if he/she rules out a nuclear attack on hypothetical foe x, y, or z.

"A president should never take any options off the table prematurely" my ass! If we can't agree to something as basic as the concept of not dropping The Bomb on another country ever again, well.... Dawg help us, then it's time for me to turn in my voter registration card!

Anonymous said...

I will now be imagining you applying the rod of correction to all sorts of people as I listen to the news.

I love you. :D

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