Friday, August 17, 2007

The realness cloud…

A certain Marva, who is a self proclaimed black Republican, wrote this bitch an e-mail.


After reading several posts, Marva was moved to “urge me to come down off of my fantasy cloud and face the reality that liberal politics hurt black people”.

Ahhh, this bitch hasn’t heard the fervent plea of a black conservatism in a month of Sundays.

Welcome, Marva!

Shall we?

A bitch has been floating on a cloud of realness, honey…for years…and I’m sure as shit not coming down anytime soon.

You know and I know that you know and I know that this country hasn’t seen real liberal policies in forever and a day, so let’s stop bullshitting and get down to business.

A system of public education that equally distributes funding, provides oversight as well as assistance when that oversight finds flaws and that values teaching our youth rather than dismantling public education through passive aggressive policy-based terrorism will be good for America.

Tax reform that closes loop holes and taxes rich motherfuckers too instead of handing them a pass…that eases the burden on the middle class and single parents and young people and the working poor…that actually takes in money from corporations instead of granting them a fabillion trillion ways to get over…cough…that kind of reform will be good for the majority of Americans and last time I checked black people are in that number.

Restoring comprehensive sex education to our public school curriculum and supporting those agencies who step up to assist in teaching comprehensive sex education will be good for all of us too. The Man has long denied black people access to knowledge under the guise that he’s doing it for our own good…and it has never ever ever been for our own good.

Establishing a system of healthcare that actually promotes health, eliminates or significantly reduces the burden of medical expenses for working Americans and covers every American child is the kind of public policy that will radically improve the lives of all people. And even a fiscal conservative can’t defend the dollars every state hemorrhages through inadequately run programs that rely on expensive emergency care rather than cheaper proactive healthcare.

Safe and affordable housing that encourages neighborhood stability and solid communities…community policing that integrates law enforcement into daily life to reduce distance and mistrust…a living wage, jobs that lead to careers not dead ends, drinkable water, breathable air, safe food, safe roads and bridges, less weapons and more books (Lawd, have mercy!!)…all that shit is good for people.

But Marva, I know and you know that I know and you know that what’s good for black people isn’t really the issue at hand.

You either don’t think America is capable of doing the right thing and that our government can’t do any better…which means that you know things are fucked but lack the courage of your convictions.

Or you honestly think that the reason some black Americans struggle to thrive is that they haven’t embraced conservatism…which means you’re crazy as hell.

Wake up, sister...I’ve still got some room left up on my cloud.


Unknown said...

Well, ABB, this sixty something white woman and my mid life daughters and my grandchildren would also be better off with your agenda than Marvas. Marva must have a pretty chunk of change she wants to protect.

Frogspond said...

One day we will all have equal access to the freedoms that today are only enjoyed by the rich.

That will happen when we all get on the cloud and make a difference.

Rebel Yankee said...

Yeah, I might be a white male but things like this are why I keep coming back to listen to you, get fired up, and get motivated to go out and act!

Littlemilk said...

Good Evening ABB,

First. Congrats on the tight new fro. I am anxiously anticipating pictures.

Second. If I may add . . .

I am a liberal minded INDEPENDENT, and my father is a Black Republican.

Many times, including at my job, I have been harassed to the point of having to show physical aggression to another Black Republican who feels just because I am black I do not see the light. Or, just because my father is a Black Republican that I am rebelling. Or since I am black I am lazy and need someone to show me how to do my job.

That is false.

I grew up upper-middleclass.

Second on my father’s side and third generation on my mother’s side college educated.

And of mixed parents -- a Black Republican father and a mother who used to go door to door at the age of seven with my grandfather to convince Black people to pay the poll tax so they could have a say in an election . . . REGARDLESS!

The world is not so clear cut between those that are Black Republicans and those that are not. It is unfortunate that you believe ABB suffers from delusions.

Assumptions and ideological aggression hidden behind remarks concerning "reality" and "clouds" does little in terms of opening up a dialogue designed to tackle the problems that are deteriorating our social fabric regardless of which side of the fence you stand. HIV, spousal abuse, addictions and homophobia are part of a reality we all escape when the debate is brought down to such hot winded standards of what Black people should and should not be doing according to the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

We need to get on task.

ABB, holla at a whale, when you get a chance.

Much luv,

La Baleine Bleue

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Dear Black Lady,
I must someday get the opportunity to worship at your feet. . . maybe follow you around carrying your pik and be ready to fix any misplaced beautiful strand of your political hair should some noxious breeze happen to disrupt it's glory.

But on to the point of my reverence. . . I believe you have, in this post, outlined a plan by which a certain hillbilly I know with six kids, a very tired wife and a low paying job (he never got past 7th grade) might have a chance to see his children emerge from the cycle of poverty and general subjugation that they current reside within. How is it that a beautiful black woman from St. Louis could have possibly come up with the solution to the problem of some slack jawed hillbilly from West Virginia?

With reverent regards,
Sagacious Hillbilly

Red Seven said...


Whew! (pant)(pant)(pant)

[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap]-[clap] ... you get the idea.

proudprogressive said...

That sounded like a common sense manifesto, not moonbat liberalism. Touche ABB ! When will all the workers wake up to the propaganda they are being fed ? In a chat room (never mind) of supposed liberals and self described "moderates" whatever that is - a vietnam vet he didn't believe in affirmative action ! He said it deminished peole's accomplishements ...This bitch said WHAT ? How can you not see , that Racism is institutional - as in built into the system . If people do not get equal opportunity access, how can they accomplish much ? See this bitch looks at affirmative action as the safety valve needed and its just one policy to ensure hope for ALL the people. I have heard those twisted views that somehow giving someone of color extra leg up via affirmative action is undermining to them. Lets fund all the public schools equally as you say -

I call bullshit, as affirmative action is as much for the Institution , as it is the recipient. And the Kennedy Education bill puts college within the reach of every person - (sister, i hope that passes)

Poverty affects everyone, EVERYBODY and people of color statically more - its just a fact. What seems to happen is that people do not see the, the prefer to blame the victim.

Some people rise above it sure, but the larger majority are trapped in a no hope zone. Suffering from many public policies , some of which you mentioned above. And then the people start to fight eachother, when we need to battle the system and those who perpetuate the bad public policies. Look at where we are at two yrs after Katrina..And Marva and other conservatives thinks this is OK ?

I cannot fathom the Log cabin Repubicans any more than i can fathom Black or Hispanic Republicans. Oh hell i cannot fathom republicans at all. Not these days -
These Neo Cons exploit everybody BUT the Uber rich.

Wake up and smell the lies, and how little they really care about you and me and sharing our country with all of the people.

liz reagan said...

ABB - I have been reading your blog for some time now and I have to tell you one thing.

I Love You.

What I mean by that is .. you always say what I think much better than I ever could. And you say things I hadn't even thought of yet.

And you say them such such posiitivity and strength that I am inspired to think about the news in an altogether different light when I read your words.

So, thank you.

Thank you and keep it coming.

You have a fan in Phoenix.

cwilcox said...

That was Beautiful Shark Fu. And lest we forget the beautiful world which you described can only be achieved if we vote smartly. And in the mean time, why not look out for each other and encourage our neighbors to vote as well.

Anonymous said...

I've just begun reading your blog and this post only reinforces that it was a sound decision. What a great rebuttal!

Me. Here. Right now. said...

Scooch over, will ya', I'd like a seat on that cloud.

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...



My first time here, and I love your take. I hate the whole discusssion about how liberals hate black people...and America, and families, and religion, and education, and so on. Yawn.

They need to stop identifying with the oppressor big time.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog to be inspired. Thank you for continuously doing so.

I grew up in the bootheel - where the train tracks divided the town into white and black when I was a teen in the eighties. I now live in Minnesota and have to convince my friends and associates that racism is indeed alive and well.

Again, thank you.

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