Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Political Hair...

This bitch was checking in with my LiveJournal people (love y'all like crushed ice on a hot summer day!!) when I stumbled upon a post linking to this fucked up shit.

My Afro is a corporate fashion don't?

Because a fashion editor from Glamour magazine said so?

Oh, hell no!

They also say that the diner orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally was embarrassing, so obviously they don't know shit.

Confession - a bitch doesn't read Glamour. I find that it doesn't speak to me, so my ass would have completely missed this shit if a certain LiveJournal diva hadn't picked it up from

My favorite bit was the connection between natural black hair and "political hairstyles".

I fucking love that!

Hell yes, my hair is political. But I can personally testify that straightening my hair back in the day only earned this bitch a sore scalp and an empty pocketbook (wince).

But hey, now I'll have something to dish about with the sistahs tomorrow night at the natural...make that "political" shop.

A bitch plans to add a touch of color to my anti-corporate political statement after a trim and deep conditioning...


Anonymous said...

Political hair huh? . . Always and forever.
All due respect to every sister's locks but when is our damned hair finally gonna be our own business?
Sadly, my own lovely short curly fro has been questioned even by other sisters. (When are you going to get grown up hair?)--I've been asked--by a sister!!!!
So what hope is there for understanding from some clueless underweight Glamour ghoul? Not that we should want or need it.

Emily said...


Let me get this straight, Glamour...every single hair on a Black woman's head must be relaxed, straightened or in some way tortured for the Man. Uh huh. Know what that sounds like to me, a Jewish White woman?

So you aced the SAT and took all AP courses in your senior year in high school and got into an Ivy League college... not good enough.

So you went to law school/med school/grad school and you drive a BMW... not good enough.

So you outperform White colleagues but get half the pay and the crappy corner office and I expect a smile out of you at the same time... not good enough.

I expect you to wear White hair AT ALL TIMES! (Can't let folks know that a Black woman works for me!)

A Black woman can look elegant and beautiful in an Afro (see Davis, Angela) or in dreadlocks (see Hill, Lauryn) and if it offends you so much, then go sit in a corner and whine for the good ol'days of Jim Crow.

It's s*** like this make me think that Malcolm X was a bit too soft on the Man...

Anonymous said...

We love you too, girl! *raises vodka high*

Hey, speaking of deep conditioning... have you tried yet?




rikyrah said...

My natural hair is a result of me trying to get healthy. I had a choice....when you exercise six days a week, something has to give.

Processed hair was it for me.

The only political statement I'm making is..

" I'm getting healthy."

So tired of White folk thinking that they can decide, for us, what our hair can be. They don't like that some of us have decided that we don't need to LOOK LIKE THEM in order to be beautiful. And, despite what 'they ' say, they like us being confused and going around looking like ' them', because it makes them feel superior.

Now that I go around with my natural hair, I just feel free. The weather doesn't bother me. Wind doesn't. Rain doesn't. Whatever happens, can happen, because my hair is what it is.

It's finally me.

Anonymous said...

This has little to do with today's blog, but just had to write---I know that this is old news and happens every where 1000s of times a day, but sometimes I get more fed up than others.
I was at a local "liberal", Democratic party fundraiser yesterday. Subject came up of solutions to drug problems of black youth. My old, white, male tablemate opined in what he thought was safety (me being very pale and all) that "those people" just need to "get over" using some old notion of victimization and they will do fine in the world. I answered that as soon as "they" are not victims of injustice, that might be possible. He looked at me like I was a simpleton worm, and said, like what? Trying to think of something that he would understand, I allowed that my 40 year old nephew gets stopped about once a month driving on his own block looking for a parking space. Well, why? was the surprised response. "Because he is a big, dark, black man driving a really nice car."

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I heeear ya Black Lady! They bin sayin the same stuff 'bout my mullet!
Them people aint got no real fachun cents.

Anonymous said...

livejournal loves you right back!

Anonymous said...

Pam Spaulding of PHB has a hair post. The most important part of epidermal appendages is that you have them (or have a nice bald scalp and an attitude (lookitme, I'm Mr. Sexy Testosterone! or I'm Cancer Bitch! - which beats a wig, in my opinion)


Anonymous said...

Why you care so much about hair? Straight or not, which color... For me it doesn't matter so much and I think for most people also.

Shameless said...

great blog. just blogged on this today I guess natural Black hair isn't just Black pple's business becoz a lot of pple (black and white) feel intimidated by it.

Extenze Review said...

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