Tuesday, August 21, 2007

If you see the Buddha…

A bitch was caught up in back to school drama this morning. I thought my mentee was set on who/what/when and which uniform she needed…only to find out that she wasn’t set on any of that shit…only to then realize that no one was working on getting that shit set for her…which is why my mentee has missed the first two days of school.

Why oh why do some people act like the first day of school jumps up and slaps them across the face every year?


The first day of school is like this bitch’s birthday…blink…and it should be marked in ink on one’s calendar months in advance and planned for with eager anticipation.

It sure as shit shouldn’t be a fucking surprise to anyone.

Damn it to hell and back again, this bitch doesn’t even have chil’ren.

I’m not even a teacher!

So if my ass knew the first day of school was Monday everyone should have known that shit.

Damn it to hell and back again.

Thank Gawd Brother Rob called me this morning with some spiritual counseling!

Mmmmhmmm, His Pontifical Greatness Brother Rob Thurman blessed a bitch with this nugget of realness…

The world has always had misery. You can’t take on all of the world’s misery. You can only work on what you were meant to work on.

Or something like that.

Anyhoo, it calmed a bitch down...big time!


Thank you Brother Rob for sharing that Zen shit you picked up at Buddha class with this bitch!

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Maya's Granny said...

Thank heavens you are there for your mentee. What do kids who don't have you or parents that pay attention do? Let us pray that there will be someone like you for as many of them as there can be.

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