Friday, January 05, 2007


You must not know ‘bout me…you must not know ‘bout me!


A bitch is feeling that song...or at least that line.

And I don’t usually like Beyonce...go figure!


It’s Friday and I am blessed to have made it through this week…trust a bitch.

I do want to say congratulations to Speaker Pelosi!

A bitch is thrilled and hopes that this will re-energize many a movement to seek their political voice and make ours a more representative government.

Speaking of government…

A bitch tumbled upon this story and thought it worthy of note. It seems that the White House and Secret Service agreed to keep the list of White House visitors secret.


Yes, secret!

You know…like Nixon and those tapes.

Mmmmhmmm…that kind of secret.

Now, some may ask why this bothers me. That’s a good question with easy answers.

If you don’t want a record kept of a meeting…meet somewhere that doesn’t keep a records of who the fuck meets there.

If you already met with someone…and did so because your dumb ass thought no one would ever find out about whatever illegal and/or inappropriate shit you were up to…and now you are thinking that you can prevent or cover up some sort of something or other…fuck you, you sneaky ass motherfucker.


I knew this was coming. Democrats now control the House and have already announced that they plan to investigate all manner of shit.

The White House and Secret Service are attempting to deny folks access to the list of visitors to the White House because that list may generate investigative drama like what happened when the Clinton’s visitors list was revealed.

Some will say that the investigations of the Clinton years were a waste of the people’s money, political witch hunts and distractions from the people’s business.

True, but we knew that going in.

Oh, yes we did...hush.

Not all investigations are bad…just look at Watergate. This bitch happens to think we need to know who met with whom at the White House during the Abramoff scandal…oh, and the CIA leak incident…and those energy meetings from back in the day…oh, and during the lead up to the war.

And this bitch is more than a wee bit suspicious about the timing coupled with the undercover shadow government nature of this move.


Sniff again.

Once more.


What the fuck do they have to hide? Better yet, who the fuck do they think they are trying to hide anything in the first place?


That’s the people’s house…and there hasn’t been an administration honored to serve in it that’s been irreplaceable.

A bitch plans to monitor this for signs of activist judges gone wild...


brother said...

Happy New Year wishes to you ABB!

I, too, am not the biggest Beyonce fan, however, that song has invaded my life and soul these past few weeks...

"To the Left, To the Left..."


Take care, and all the best for happiness and success in 2007!


Anonymous said...

And when the Pelosi-led Reps threaten to cut certain purse strings, one can well imagine certain lame ducks quacking about Congressmemberpeople Gone Wild and stepping all over executive privilege and such. "Not irreplaceable," indeed.

storm indigo said...

**If you don’t want a record kept of a meeting…meet somewhere that doesn’t keep a records of who the fuck meets there.**

Oh, shit. I am in tears. I had to walk away. Get some water. Collect myself and then finish.

As always, you are right and FUNNY!


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