Monday, January 08, 2007


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Shake off your winter blues and make your way down to Snowflake (3156 Cherokee) to show off your STUFF. The 52nd City Magazine is kicking off their latest issue--STUFF on January 13 at 2 p.m.

Tickets are only $8 and include a mystery bag of STUFF for all who attend. So, bring your stuff (you know you got some) and you’ll get stuff. Food, tasty libations and entertainment will also be included that evening. Contact to reserve tickets. The 52nd City STUFF RELEASE PARTY will include a SHOW AND TELL. You might call it an open mic for all those who want to bring stuff or an interesting collection and share a story. Contact sign up and let them know what you plan to show and tell. For all who attended they will receive a bag of STUFF and the latest edition of 52nd City Magazine. This issue of STUFF will feature the writing and artwork of local St. Louis talent and their view of material things.

52nd City Media is a cooperative venture of area artists and writers dedicated to developing, incubating and releasing diverse and experimental works of interest created by local talent. When we launched this magazine, St. Louis was the 52nd City in population. Things change. We like that.

Info on just a few of the featured writers in STUFF:

Steven Schreiner is an Associate Professor of English at UM-St. Louis and the author of the poetry collection, Too Soon To Leave (Ridgeway: 1997). His poems have appeared in Poetry, Poet & Critic, Prairie Schooner, Missouri Review, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Malahat Review, and other journals.

Heidi Dean can see the Bevo Mill from her front porch, has experienced love at first sight, and gets an unabashed kick out of throwing things away. She finds joy in writing songs, essays, and thank-you notes.

Chris King’s piece is drawn from a longer, unpublished narrative, 2leggeds. He is currently shopping a novel, The Cricket That Didn’t Sing. His book of poems, A Heart I Carved for a Girl I Knew, was published last year by Skuntry (


J said...

ABB, this is apropos of nothing, but I've gotta tell you that I'm blogging entirely too much...I don't know you, and I live in the burbs in Northern CA, but I dreamed last night that you and C-Money and I went shoe shopping, and she got herself some FIERCE looking Jimmy Choo sandals (not that I've ever seen any in real life.) I sure hope her toes are more normal than they were in my dream, though, because that was some weird stuff.

Shark-Fu said...


Honey, if it involved me shopping for anything it was for sure a dream.

C-Money and Jimmy Choo sandals, though...hmmm, that could happen.

Too funny and thanks for the laugh!

Now log off and go get some sun...

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