Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pondering the trifling among us...

Do the trifling among us know that they are trifling or are they in denial?

Just a question…a quizzical…a pondering of sorts.

I don't think they know.


Shit, some of them are so over the top trifling! They can't know. Okay, a bitch will admit that once in a while a trifling assed motherfucker will do something trifling as hell and then shoot me a look as if to ask 'Is she going to smack me upside my head or is she buying this shit'. But most trifling assholes don't know...don't care...and are poised to violate the Thou Shalt Not Trifle commandment for life.


Something must be done, chil'ren!


A bitch would like to do a version of Intervention on A&E for those addicted to trifling behavior.

What? Oh, know you'd watch that shit (wink).

Just think about all the trifling ass people you know…and you know your ass knows some trifling person all too well…being featured in episodes where the nature of their trifilocity is detailed, a plan of intervention is developed and then a team of Trifilocity Detoxification Specialists comes in and intervene!

Shit, don’t try to tell me that wouldn’t be quality programming!

Hell, Scooter B. could be featured in the pilot episode!

Picture this! Scooter B. would be shown looking smug and full of…ummm, decisions. In a well edited vignette, we would detail moments of trifling behavior. For example, that 'I’ve got a mandate and I intend to use it.' speech-like moment would fit in there.

I could go on and on...we have a lot of material to choose from, trust a bitch.


Next, we would have one on one interviews with people who find Scooter B. trifling. Folks could detail how his trifling ass behavior has impacted their lives and why they think the time has come for an intervention.

For example, this bitch would bring up the combative go fuck yourself manner in which Scooter B. treated Dems in Congress…that I’m the Decider and you can kiss my grits way that he shoved through massive cuts to social programs, a tore up from the floor up educational non-reform reform and attempted to force feed his No You’re Never Gonna Get It (pause to shake groove lovin, my lovin...cough...sorry 'bout that, but that song is still the shit) Social Security non-starter to the nation.

Pause…collect thyself…continue.

We’d end with the intervention. People would read letters…and then Scooter B. would have to come to terms with the need to detrifle or face the consequences!

Someone might even say "line-tem veto my black ass"...ummm, no...scratch that...Lawd knows the networks fear potty mouth language (wink).


I haven’t worked the rest of it out yet, but at some point the afflicted falls to his knees and sobs “Oh, my Gawd! I’m trifling! Oh….oh no…I’M TRIFLING!” and demons fly out of his eyes or something.


Think of it as a detrifled ah hah moment!

Shit, that was fun as hell. Mayhap I could get this produced!

Hell, if The Real Housewives of Orange County made it past pilot anything can happen...


Anonymous said...

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." - The Princess Bride

Shark-Fu said...


But, since you went there...

I'm using this version of trifling - A person who tends to mettle in business that’s not their own, or mess with other’s personal lives, possessions and/or money frequently. Can also be an individual who wastes exuberant amounts of money. This word is usually associated with the negative connotations of dirty and nasty.


Brian said...

"Housewives" of Orange County?

You mean.... The Gold Diggers of Orange County.

Anonymous said...

"line item veto my black ass" may not be ready for prime time, but - as a fan of Sunday Night Fox TV (the channel, not the brainwashed news show) I can attest "kiss my shiny metal ass" is.

Cheers for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2007!

- Inigo

J said...

I have an argument in my head about Scooter changing course because of the Dems...there's a little guy on one shoulder that says, if it's right to be in Iraq, and we're doing the right thing, and we never did anything wrong (because Scooter doesn't admit mistakes, remember), then why would we change just because Congress changed? What's right or wrong should be what's right or wrong, not what's politically expedient. The guy on the other shoulder is telling me that Democracy says that the people have the vote, that when we speak and (barely) elect a Democratic majority, it is Scooters job to listen, or at least PRETEND to listen, and to take notice, and change things, because the people have demanded it.

Then the me in the middle pops up and says he's an asshat, and though the world is certainly a better place without Saddam in it, I'm not sure that Iraq is a better place with the U.S. there, and we had no right to go over there to begin with. So the fact is, he's an idiot. But that part of me wins every argument, even when, like this time, I don't even adress the issues that the two guys on my shoulders are saying.

Did that even make any sense? I'm not sure.

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