Monday, January 01, 2007



A bitch is emerging from my hermit-like state to face the new year.

My ass sank into a full on end of year funk...a major funk....a 'who the hell needs to get out of bed' kind of funktitude, if you know what I mean. Blink. It took me some time to see the funk for what it was and then I had to get over being pissed off at myself for ever allowing the funk to settle in.


Oh well, I clearly needed it. This was a productive life exploring and then affirming funk, so it was worth a few days hiding under the covers whilst avoiding people (wink).


I have come to understand that many people, including myself, avoid life exploring mental wanderings because they have the potential to produce funks. Scooter B. comes to mind. All that determination appears at first glance to be the mark of leadership, but it may actually be the intense avoidance of inner work for fear of a funk.

Or he could just be one stubborn motherfucker.


Where was I?

Oh yes, resolvitude!

Resolutions require reflection on what has been and what is. What emerges post reflection is an understanding of the goals ahead and how to bloody well reach them. Whilst getting my hermit on, my ass hit a wall of reality, indulged in the funk that resulted and was left with no other move but to climb. I passed by the mistakes and misunderstandings, climbing over the painfully accurate realizations and rubbing my boot in the face of the many doubts and frets that come with the burden of an enlightened mind.

On the other side there is the future...2007...and a bitch has work to do.

2007 Resolvitude

On honesty...
A bitch resolves to be more honest with myself and work on seeing shit for what it is rather than what I would like it to be.

Fuck, that's going to be a tough one.


On the struggle...
A bitch resolves to further define my role and to seek knowledge from others to better fulfill it.

On health...
Oh fuck it all.

A bitch resolves to eat more vegetables, drink more water...and limit my adoration of all things smothered to a sometime thing.


On the evolution of my afro...
A bitch resolves to give my afro free!

Go on and grow with your bad ass self.

Three cheers for keepin it real in 2007, chil'ren!


Anonymous said...

It Will be GLORIUOS!
All of it, girl, even the veggies...

Anonymous said...

Here's to liberating the afro! I'll be joining you in the effort. Good luck!

Maya's Granny said...

I'm torn between thinking that the best part will be the vegies or the afro. The afro will be glorious and the vegies will taste good.

Anonymous said...

I happily broke my resolution hours after I set it and I felt so free and optimistic about the new year!

Best of luck with your resolutions.

Kit B. said...

Happy New Year to you, Gorgeous!!

Stick wif your resolutions...and next time you get into a funk and wanna get out if it (without indulging in something smothered thus breaking a resolution) find this Kitty.

He's got a fantastic Pot Roast date night just for two :)

JLawJ said...

Mmm, well, lady, I understand your hermititude; went through some of that myself. My man dumped me two days before Christmas and I am just now coming out from under that little emotional setback. But I's all better now!

I'm doing the Discovery Body Challenge to firm up these (gettin') older thighs and belly; trying to straighten out my in-school eating habits (will try to take a lunch; promise to take a lunch 1 day a week); and on top of this, get my school work done and all that damned outlining to happen as the semester goes along instead of during the reading week. Or else.

So - if you were working on your insides and not hiding from the world, covering up for however long is not that big a problem.

Oh - and I cut off my own afro. I now have the cutest little mohawk a 32-yr-old, heartbroken, single-caregiver, law student has ever had. :Djen

GayProf said...

Sorry to read about the funk. It seems to be going around.

Happy New Year, ABB!

jeem said...

I made the "drink more water" resolution a few years ago, and it was tough while I had to think about it. Nowadays, though, I just keep water near me at all times, and I just take a sip or two whenever I get a little thirsty. Before long I'm refilling the bottle.

Happy New Year!

doris day said...

holidays are tough....

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