Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend review and birthday wishes...

Lawd, a bitch was so busy that the weekend flew by like a dream.


I had board development meetings Friday, Saturday and Sunday…some non-related volunteer drama mixed in for spice…Ms. Sister Girl MacBook had to go to the Apple Store for a proper diagnosis of her 'what the fuck is wrong with her attitudinal computerized ass and why the hell won’t she turn the fuck on' problem…and then a bitch just had to attend Brother Rob Thurman’s birthday party Sunday.

Shit, I wouldn’t miss a Rob Thurman birthday celebration for anything…even if that party involved a trip far, far away and out yonder to South County (Lawd, a bitch had to take two highways...TWO!!), some reservation drama (give ‘em hell Joyce!)...and shell fish being tossed about the room like minified volley balls followed by liberal squirts of alcohol directly into the mouths of the skillful among us who captured said shell fish in their mouths.

And was that Brother Rob wearing a napkin-based crown of vegetable, steak and shrimp topped chop sticks?



May the faithful of the United Church of Bitchitude and Latter Day Drunks extend birthday blessings and fantastical Sake-based joy to you, Brother Rob!

Toodles while a bitch recovers...

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