Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oprah gets her education on...

Did you know that Oprah opened up a school for young women in South Africa?

Of course you did!

Couldn’t miss that shit with a map and a plan, could you (wink)?

A bitch has run the spectrum of emotions about Oprah’s new school. My ass has separated my dislike of the star fucking that always accompanies shit like this (mark my words, someone is going to come up pregnant) from my honest respect for Ms. Oprah and what she has been able to accomplish.

Reaction #1 – Jealousy is a sorry, sorry thang…

Damn that Oprah!

A bitch has always wanted to open up a school of bitchitude here in St. Louis.

...sometime after the knee first jerketh…

Fuck that, this bitch’s dream isn’t married to Oprah’s.

I can still open a school of bitchitude!

Reaction #2 – Isolationism is like an infection…
Why South Africa? It’s not as if we’re running low on poor young women getting left behind.

...but reflection is a nice antibiotic…
Hell, I suppose the world is global and just because my ass thinks in terms of the community I live in doesn’t mean anyone else has to.

Oprah is right about American students not having to pay tuition…although someone might want to hip her to the fact that taxes pay for public education (just ask folks living in Clayton…shudder). She’s wrong about that I-Pod bullshit…some kids are spoiled materialistic little shits, but a lot of them are aspiring not acquiring.

But she is right about the fact that education is undervalued here despite its link to stability and prosperity.

I wonder why know, the fact that not valuing education is illogical...why that wasn't inspiring to Oprah, because it inspires the hell out of me.

Some people see obstacles where a bitch sees a challenge.

Reaction #3 - Enough with the star fucking…
Lawd have mercy. A bitch had to work hard to avoid all the celebrity hair flipping, serious face contorting whilst searching for the perfect quotable sorta-deep thought associated with the media blitz that was the Grand Opening of Oprah’s Leadership Academy in South Africa.

Don’t get me wrong…go on with your bad self Oprah...but daaaaaaaaaammmmmmn!

It’s a school, right?

Just checking…because y’all are behaving as if it is a shrine.

Finally a bitch arrived here…
A bitch is inspired.

I just wish inspiration wasn’t such an obvious afterthought.

If we are going to discuss education and the need to encourage, by any means necessary, the leadership of young women so that the gender footprint of power is equal to the one made by population…then we should discuss it.

But if we are going to indulge in an 'oppression off'…in some pathetic and ill informed debate over who has the worst deal in education, what community needs more and what group of neglected chil’ren should get a break…then someone needs to slap someone back into reality.

Think about it…move away from the ego fest that was the media blitz on this school…pause and give the concept of this school some mental attention.

The education of young women, their empowerment, the development of leadership skills and the demonstration of what it takes to make that shit happen…that’s what’s on the table here.

A bitch happens to think that’s a good thing (wink).

So, I’m left beyond tired of the star fucking and who wants to kiss the hem of my gown interviews and inspired by what an individual can do to further the cause of education, leadership and empowerment in a community.

Not a bad dish altogether, despite the unfortunate presentation.


J said...

I too get tired of the self aggrandizing of all of this...just as I get tired of Oprah saying she doesn't feel like luck had anything to do with her success. I don't wish to diminsh her hard work and god given talent, but there are a hell of a lot more hard working, talented as hell folks out there than there are billionaire making jobs, so you do the math. Luck is indeed a factor.

All of that having been said, the school is a good thing. Lets work on more of them, both over there and over here.

Shark-Fu said...

J...I heard that!

jeremy...wanna-be preacher my ass! You've got a bitch all fired up!'re so right...and now is the time to get after it.

Kit B. said...

Alright, Gorgeous, Kitty would happily put his money where his mouth is!

If you wanna open a school, let's start the fundraising campaign. You're the most brilliant and inspiring person I know, and your commitment to your community is unparalleled.

I'd help you in any way I could...long as I got a discount on tuition. Please oh please oh please? I could stand to learn some Bitchitude.

I posted about Lady Saint Oprah the other day as well...and like you, am inspired by her actions. I've been long-critical of Oprah, but this was definitely a move in the right direction. A commitment to education - of any of our world's children - is a commitment to our future.

Homer said...

I've always liked Oprah- she seems like a genuinely nice person. I'm glad she is spending some of her money to help less fortunate people.

Maven said...

Thought I'd share this Op-Ed piece by Stanley Crouch.

Rock on with your bad self!

Anonymous said...

Oprah didn't have a college degree when she started the Oprah Show. I just wish she wouldn't put down American kids for not valuing education when the stars she worships don't have much of an education either.

thatfarmgirl said...

Check out Twisty's take on this:

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