Monday, November 20, 2006

Pre-Feast Preparedness…

Lawd, did this holiday sneak up on a bitch?


Thank Gawd for lists and such…or a bitch wouldn’t be able to remember my own name!

ABB’s Feastitude List of Needed Things and Gluttable Foods…

All The President’s Men Anniversary Edition
Dog Day Afternoon


And Ordinary People.


Shit, it’s a family tradition.

Soda pop
Various juices...most importantly cran
Sam Adam's Winter Lager…for C-Money
Cider-based liquids
Bubbly…for Mimosas

Turkey…still at the store
Ham…ordered and ready for pick up
Corn Casserole…if you don’t know you need to know!
Dressing…trying newish recipe
Bread/rolls…C-Money’s responsibility
Cranberry sauce…loathe it, but not having may be bad luck
Sweet Potato Pie…C-Money is throwing down
Whipped cream…the modern girl always has some on hand (wink)
Broccoli Rice dish
Sweet Potato Casserole dish…you can never have too many
Apple Pie…because this bitch LOVES apple pie.
Ice Cream…and a bitch ADORES my pie topped with ice cream.

Claritin…it’s all that dusting coming back to haunt me
Sudafed…because we’re celebrating


All topped off with a post holiday maybe this will burn some of those calories dawg walking excursion!


Homer said...

I'm making ABB Corn Casserole! That stuff is so yummy, it must be illegal in Utah.

Anonymous said...

Corn Casserole Recipe-stat! I thought I had it saved, but can't find it at Turdmania-that IS where it was posted, yes?

Shark-Fu said... may be right 'bout that!

Meg...I updated the post to include a link to Corn Casserole yumminess.

Happy feastitude!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, sweet potato pie. (makes Homer Simpson drooling sound.)

Kit B. said...

As always, Bitch, you're a lifesaver (and beautiful to boot!)

Kitty was put in charge of a side dish...Corn Casserole ala Bitch it is! :)

Happy Thanksgiving - get on up in there and give your thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...

want something diff?? google "Spinach Madeleine recipe". go for the one from River Road Recipes cookbook.very simple, very delicious. Don't go for the complicated stuff from Folse or others. just spinach. pepper cheese. evap milk, etc. faboo.

Want something else diff? google mirliton shrimp casserole. mirliton is a squash also called vegetable pears or chayote. time consuming, but will knock their lights out.

had to de-lurk to share these tidbits. *back to lurkdom*

Anonymous said...

Eat that cranberry sauce, ABB. It's good for you. Don't hate it just because it's not in your vodka.

I may have to look into the corn casserole.

Anonymous said...

Mimosa recipe suggestion (because watching parades is thirsty work...)

1 bottle decent brut bubbly.
1/2 can frozen OJ, thawed
1 cup or so fresh strawberries, de-leaved.
1 tiny bottle chambourd

- Open bubbly.

(Always point it away from people - you really can lose an eye... best way to open is to unwrap the foil, untwist the wire, grab a good hold on the cork with one hand and the bottom of the bottle with the other, and then gently turn and pull the bottle away from the cork.)

- pour just a little (maybe 1/2 a cup) into a blender, add the rest of the ingredients. The bubbly is going to FOAM when that blade starts turning, so if in doubt of how much to add, trickle it in a little at a time.

- Pulse a few seconds.

- Pour bubbly from bottle to half-fill stemware of your choice, then add some of the OJ/fruit mixture. Top with a splash more bubbly and a piece of strawberry or orange slice. Repeat or expand recipe as necessary depending on # of guests or size of thirst, but remember that foaming action and don't dump too much bubbly into the blender at once!

Anonymous said...

Fresh Cranberry Sauce is not anything like the canned gellied glop. Here's a recipe:
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 12 oz pkg fresh cranberries, rinsed
1 orange, peeled and chopped

Dissolve sugar into water in saucepan
bring to boil, add cranberries
turn down heat to low and simmer about 10 minutes, until cranberries pop
turn off heat, add chopped orange
let cool in pan and serve or refrigerate in covered bowl until serving time. Might just change your mind about cranberry sauce!

Maven said...

Found the link over at Turdmania:)

ABB, I plan on photoblogging it all:)OY!!

ChristopherM said...

Try putting 1/4 cup of brown sugar at the bottom of your pie crust and baking it in for a few minutes before adding the pie filling. That's from Patti Labelle's Black Bottom Sweet Potato Pie recipe that I use every year, and it is hella good. I make her mac&cheese too, and it is an angioplasty in a casserole good!!!

I say that I make this food...this year, partner is making while my ass is locked up studying negligence and other such foolishness, but at least I'll get to pop out for a few minutes and eat it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Bitch,
This year I am thankful for your blog, for you always make me smile, you always make sense, I share your angers and your joys at the foolishness we see around us and I freaking love your recipes!

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