Friday, November 03, 2006

Jesus Camp Part II – Rehab!

Could a high profile attempted degayification be next?


Shall we proceed?

This bitch was so disturbed by the movie Jesus Camp that my ass couldn’t really write about it.

A bitch took special note of a certain Pastor Haggard of Colorado Springs, who is the leader of the nation’s largest Evangelical organization. He is also a close advisor to President Bush and has the power to swing elections any way he wants to...he has the power…he’s in charge…he and his people.

How do I know all that?

Well, a certain braggadocious Pastor Haggard went on and on about himself, his power, his connections and his flock in the Jesus Camp movie. Ain’t no shame in his greed based game. All of which struck me as odd…’cause he and his were supposed to be all about Jesus.


Seemed to me that he was all about Haggard (wink), particularly when he encountered two of the chil’ren from the Jesus Camp who wanted to meet their idol….the same false idol who snickered and told them to keep “working that kid thing for as long as they can” when they asked for advice on preaching.

Yeah, he was that kind of asshole.

Apparently, even he thought he came off as an ass.

Now, Pastor Haggard has…well, been accused of having sex with a male escort but denies everything…ummm, well maybe he got a massage...fuck it, he’s willing to admit to being a meth addict. He denies having man on man sex with anyone.

Haggard has got to be hoping this shit spiral will end. Shit, he may even be praying for it to end.

The Bible says that vengeance is the Lord’s.

But schadenfreude?

Schadenfreudal joy is mine.

Mine all mine…


flamingbanjo said...

Apparently he's the kind of addict who repeatedly buys meth but doesn't actually use it. Yep, that's right, his current story is that he didn't inhale. And he forgets the name of the hotel that referred him to that masseuse. That masseuse may used some unorthodox massage techniques, but it really did help to relieve tension!

midge said...

duh, of COURSE haggard had gay sex. everyone on meth, when alone in a room with another person, regardless of sex, age, ability, etc., will eventually have sex with them. it doesn't mean they're gay...but it does mean they're total goddamn hypocrites when they support anti-gay laws.

Anonymous said...

Haggard resigned and Ann Coulter may be going to jail. What a glorious day!!!

Anonymous said...

Haggard resigned and Ann Coulter may be going to prison. What a perfectly glorious day!!

Maya's Granny said...

Shakespeare was right. Hubris brings them all down in the end.

RepulsiveRepubs said...

There is some serious denial going on here with that closet case. One does not get a massage by a gay man without sex, I should know. LOL. Anyway, this really takes the attention off the Kerry Snafu doesn't it?

Christopher said...

Why doesn't he just come out as an alcoholic? Isn't that the reason Republican men solicit other men for sex?

Nancy in NYC said...

Not to worry. I think it's safe to say that after this week's series of idiotic and self-incriminating contradictory statements, that Haggard has been tackled to the ground by his political buddies and will not be seen or heard from until after the election.

Renee said...

Amen, sista! Tell it like it is!

nolocontendere said...

Praise the Methiah!

sjobs said...

I am so tired of the Republicans and their thinking they can do whatever they want. I am praying that things are a changing around these parts.

One of my favorite bumper stickers that I have seen recently, Clinton ruined a dress, Bush ruined a country. It is so true.

It is a pleasure reading your site.


Anonymous said...

if you thought jesus camp was scary, you should see borat.

AOB said...

I am so sick of being identified with the so called christian right...Fallwell, Dobson, Robertson, Swaggert, Jim & Tammy Fay and now this freak moron Haggard.

The problem is that the church puts up with this shit and makes no move to correct or hold accountable any wrong until private shit becomes world wide shit. I have to ask...when is the church going to wake up and hold accoutable the money mongering maggots of pseudo-faith that do nothing to further the gospel?

Weasel said...

Hmmm, can we say "self-loathing"? Sure we can!

As evil as it sounds, I'm enjoying the show.... watching this twit sweat. Great fun :)

Anonymous said...

Not only dick and ass, but Tina too? This is insulting. Talk about a plank of wood sticking out of ones eye.

Plus, instead of governance we as a nation are fixated on blue dresses, page boys and frisky pastors with a closeted meth addition. So be it. The cat is out of the bag. But as a sufferer of a chronic illness I would love to have people show this much passion and attention concerning universal health care. I am starting to think I will have to endure another decade without it.