Monday, October 23, 2006


A bitch hopes y’all had a fantabulous weekend!

This bitch enjoyed the hell out of The Dresden Dolls. If everyone took the stage with as much humor and fun as The Dresden Dolls live music wouldn’t suck so damned much! They were fantastical…and the hordes of black on black wearing frown-based youth were a joy to observe too.

Oh, to be young and vampiricly punk again.



That’s Just My Baby’s Daddy…
A bitch wanted to update y’all on the Madonna adoption option thang.


Well, this is about Madonna’s baby’s daddy...pending the legalities.

Sheesh (wink).

The latest news is that the father of the Malawian child Madonna is…well, plans to…ummm, has custody of…oh, fuck it…has possession of at the moment outside of the country of Malawi...


Jesus to Gawd, this much drama has to be hazardous to our health!



Where was I?

Yes, Madonna’s pending baby’s daddy is now saying that he never intended Madonna to be his baby’s momma (had to…this bitch just had to go there…shit, you thought it too).

Mr. Banda claims that…well, here’s what he had to say...

“Had they told us that Madonna wanted to adopt my son and make him her own son, we would not have agreed to that," Banda said through a translator. “It would have been better for him to continue staying at the orphanage because I see no reason why my child should be given away forever when I can feed him,"

Lawd, have mercy.

Freshen up those drama fallout bunkers, chil’ren...this shit is escalating fast as a motherfucker!


ms. jared said...

see, that was the point i wanted to make last week but i couldn't get the comments to work.

i don't understand why rich american folk feel entitled to go to other countries and buy up their children instead of donating money to the parents and villages so they can keep the families together.

madonna's house in london is worth five times what she donated to the village to get that little boy. and he's not a puppy in a window, you know? he has a father who wants him but just can't afford to take care of him which is a pity in and of itself.

if more of the uber wealthy in the world would give some of their wealth away to those in need instead of wasting it on diamond encrusted toilet seats, the whole world would be A LOT better off!

bRandy said...

i agree with Ms. Jared to a certain extent...i think there was another way the Material Girl could have helped that little boy, rather than claiming him as her own. On the flip side, in terms of what they do with their money, it's hard to judge cause it's all relative...even though i make a cool 30K a year, someone could easily say that I don't do enough...that I could drive an 87 Ford Escort instead of rockin' an 02 Impala (sense my sarcasm??) and do something to help more people with the difference in monthly payments. Or I could live in a one-bedroom apartment instead of a 2 bedroom and give the difference in rent to the needy. Everybody can always do more...but hell, not everybody's doing SOMEthing so props to everyone who is...regardless of how and how much.
I dig your spot, I'll be coming back thru for sure.

Anonymous said...

People are posting some pretty angry comments about the father all over the internet, as if he doesn't have enough problems, suggesting that basically this is disingenuous posturing on his part so that he can get a payoff. If it is I can't say I blame him. But given the money at stake it's not really all that hard to believe that his government misled him.

Despite the fact that I'm sad and worried for the future of this child, who is fast becoming the next Elian Gonzalez, I can't wait to catch this shit on Oprah.

Especially if Oprah manages to use the power of technology to put Mr. Banda and the Ritchies in dialogue with each other again, in front of a world audience. I'm not so interested if it's just Madonna telling her side of the story.

Anonymous said...

Let us see what Ms. Oprah Herself has to say on the subject of baby purchasing. Tune in on Wed.

Anonymous said...

I thinks some reporter went into the village and told the father that he could have received more money from this rich American woman.
I have a strong feeling that this father, is trying to get as much money as he possibly can from Madonna. I'm sure that the father knew that Madonna wasn't going to be living in a neighboring village.
But what bothers me most, is the fact that there are so many disadvantaged children in the USA that need to be adopted. Couldn't we start right here at home, first?

Anonymous said...

MADONNA: Wow, I slept well. I think I will go help people. (long silence while thinking, smell the rubber burning) Well, let's see. There is genocide in, no. That's so unpleasant. I KNOW...I'll show everyone how progressive I am, I am gonna adopt. Angelina doesn't have a corner on the foreign orphans, besides the kids will look adorable when arranged just right!

Yeah, that's what I'll do. I'll go, adopt an African. That will look SO good for us! Wow, I am Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. Black-on-black, frown-bearing youth. I remember those days...

Couple years ago the Misfits were coming through Chicago, and happened to be headlining at The Vic - a rockin' little club at the edge of Boyztown - the same weekend as our Halstead Market Days. It was August, which meant hotter 'n heck, and the Better Half and I were on our way back to the train when we passed The Vic. We stopped and stood at the curb, debating if we should go see the show; I hadn't seen these guys since (cough, hack) let's leave it at "many years ago..."

It was an all-ages show, which meant a huge line of Baby Goths waiting for the doors to open. As we stood on the curb in our middle-aged ladies best we got some uneasy looks. I had on khaki shorts and a light-blue polo shirt, the BH had a sundress with a linen overblouse. The black-clad set was not quite sure what to do with us... we looked far too much like somebody's Mom, or worse, somebody's teacher (which the BH was for some of them).

We decided to skip the show (too sunburned to even consider the mosh pit, anyway) but laughed on the train ride home. For all those middle-aged women at bus stops and train stations who have been made uncomfortable by roving packs of (typically harmless) goths and punks, we got one back!

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