Monday, October 02, 2006

A bloody shame...

As an adult who volunteers with teens, my reaction to the news of Rep. Foley’s violation of trust, ethics and the law while sexually harassing Congressional Pages was rather harsh.

It still is.

His behavior was the very definition of unacceptable and inappropriate. I'm not a lawyer, but I sincerely hope it was illegal.

I found the transcripts disturbing and would call the posting of them a further violation if that move wasn’t what resulted...finally... in something being done in this matter.

That ABC News accomplished what the leadership in the House seemed unwilling to even initiate…meaning an investigation…is not reason to celebrate.

This whole mess is a bloody shame.

The Page system is a unique opportunity for young adults to serve this country and the political process.

It is not a shopping opportunity for sexual predators.

The United States House of Representatives is the people’s house…my house…and I am disgusted by this mess.

The whirlwind of recent activity by the Leadership of the House only highlights what didn’t happen when the initial allegations were made…demonstrates what should have been done then to prevent the need for what is being done now.

That state of denial must be an epidemic…

And one more response to this bullshit.

If Hassert didn't know then why the hell didn't he?

I'm sorry but "I was duped" fails to pass the smell test.

If someone approached me with an allegation that another adult was making a child "uncomfortable" I'd make it my business to know the particulars. At the very least, I would pass it on to the authorities.

What I would not do is slap the adult in question on the hand and tell them to go forth...leave the child alone...and sin no more.


How the hell do you tell someone to stop doing something if you haven't investigated what the fuck he may or may not have done?

And don't tell me these people don't know how to run an aggressive investigation...that, without doubt, is absolute bullshit on ice.

Lawd, give me strength...


Anonymous said...

I know this is your blog and not a confessional, but I just have to admit something.

While your rage is righteous, as is your expression thereof, as usual, I just have to say that last week sucked so bad at my house that probably the very first thing to come along and keep me from throwing myself off the balcony was finding out this clown was not just a Republican but a Florida Republican. When I heard that, after sobbing for days over an entirely unrelated matter, I actually laughed and clapped my hands with glee.

Sorry. I know. That is sick, and I am a very tiny person.

Later I found out from Blue Lily some more nasty things about this creep that made it even more delightful that he should end his tenure in shame. But that was just like butter on my morning toast.

~Macarena~ said...

Sara, I think your reaction isn't as awful as you think. If you were to wish that such a politician would be caught doing something unacceptable, that would be bad.

I sense that the reporting is so serious because it involved a boy rather than a girl. What I can't comprehend about things like this and the guy with DHS who is suspected of being an Internet predator is that conservatives pretend to do everything for the children. I have to read parental warnings on almost every T.V. show, and a Texas schoolteacher was fired because a parent complained that his or her child saw nudes at the Dallas Museum of Art, yet men who allegedly work to protect children are preying on them.

Anonymous said...

We need to send Chris Hansen and Dateline to Washington.

ChristopherM said...

Between this pervert, Jim McGreevy, and Lance Bass, I'm going to have to complain to the Committee about who we're letting in our little club these days. It's no fun to be a threat to Christian families if any asshole can join in.

And how exactly is it that people ever thought this guy is straight? He talks like motherfucking Jim J. Bullock!

Abadiebitch said...

But Christopher I know your comment was tongue and cheek but this is not about homosexual, it is about pedophiles. Foley is a pedophile.

Anonymous said...

Actually Foley is a Sexual Predator,a pedophile is attracted to PRE-pubescient children.

Abadiebitch said...

Okay, sexual predator.

Weasel said...

Just another illusion put forth by the Republican Right. What saddens me now is the fact that because this pedophile was preying on a young boy, the Ultra-Ignorant, Ultra Conservatives will try to equate him with the GLBT community.

It's already started. Right-wing radio is trumpting this guy as a "homosexual", not a sexual predator. What makes matters worse is this guy wasn't married, so of course, he's a dirty f*g.

Guess they never heard of Nicholas Morency. Guy was married, a pro-lifer and tried to take a hit out on an abortion doctor. Cops found a shitload of kiddie porn on his PC. But remeber, he was married so he was okay....

(Want all the details, Google the guy. It's some truly fucked-up shit.)

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute!

What the hell is happening here?? A congressman on a committee for exploited children and he is e-mailing sexually explicit messages to a minor.

To all that knew!

Resignations Please!!

ChristopherM said...

Moksha, you are absolutely right that it isn't about him being gay, but rather about him being a predator. The fact that you recognize that means you are most definitely good people! It is also about the Republican leadership covering for him, allowing him to prey on these teens while spouting their family values bullshit.

That said, my gay ass has been absolutely innundated with these fools being shamed out of the closet by their ridiculous behavior, after which me and my folks are supposed to welcome them with open hearts and legs. "Oh look what the closet did to me" is what Gov. McGreevy has been whoring out to anyone who will listen, as though that excuses his appalling behavior. It is just a matter of time before this assbag is doing the same thing. I propose we all institute a dick-embargo on these fools...someone who votes against gays while sending dirty text messages to boys does not deserve my ass!

Abadiebitch said...

"the Ultra-Ignorant, Ultra Conservatives will try to equate him with the GLBT community."

They are calling him a Democrat. Look at the picture on my blog!

Abadiebitch said...

Christopher, my brother has this saying, and no one is sure what it means, but we all "get" the meaning. Whenver someone comes begging for something after they had been showing their ass he says, "You were not thinking about that when you were in jail." I know, it is insane. I think he picked it up when he was serving a few months in county for DUI. LOL!

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