Thursday, April 13, 2006

A vote-based pondering...

A bitch battled a major allergy attack yesterday. My eyes were a faucet and this bitch broke the world record for sneezing. Suffice it say, my mood was sour by the time a bitch made it home.

After greeting the sorta-beagle and Sweetie the three legged chow, a bitch went through the mail. Usually, Betsey the sorta-beagle consumes our magazines when they shoot through the mail slot, so a bitch was somewhat surprised to see that the Newsweek was intact.

And then my ass flipped it over…and was confronted with Katie Couric on the cover!

Lawd have mercy!

Thanks for killing a bitch’s joy, Newsweek.

Moving forward pissed off and prepared to shred an entire issue of Newsweek out of spite…

A vote-based pondering...
New Orleans is preparing to have elections on April 22nd. With so many displaced residents scattered all over the place, many of us are concerned that the people will be denied their voice as a result. Pfirsch from Brown Sugar, LTD reminded a bitch of this issue and has posted about it here.

For information about how to vote, please check this site.

A bitch is amazed that a government that couldn’t find its ass with both hands is now holding displaced residents to a standard of organization that the same government couldn’t meet to save its life on a good day. Being displaced, having your whole world torn apart and then being denied your Constitutional right to vote…that’s a MasterCard moment if a bitch ever saw one…mmmmhmmm, priceless.

A bitch will stay on top of this as well.

The vote is vital...the blood of martyrs was shed to win it…and we must be prepared to defend it or we had best start preparing to loose it.

And a bitch has no intention of allowing that to happen.


Anonymous said...

"the same government that couldn’t find it’s ass with both of its hands is now holding displaced residents to the standard of organization that THEY couldn’t meet to save their lives on a good day. "

In what you just wrote, the "they" is supposed to mean "the GOV'T," and not "the displaced residents," right?

Sorry to be difficult -- the "official grammar rules" say that the pronoun usually refers to the NEAREST preceding noun of the right number/gender -- which would be the residents and not the gov't.

And while I'm at it, "it's" is always short for "it is;" the possessive "its" ("its ass") is always no-apostrophe. Possessives usually do take apostrophes, but this is one of those idiomatic exceptions.

I know this is rude & stupid; it's almost like that bit in "Up the Down Staircase" where the teacher blue-pencils a student's suicide note or love letter or some such. It's like a compulsion; can't help myself. Pls forgive -- WHAT you write is brilliant; just throwing the grammar stuff at you in case you cared.

Shark-Fu said...

A bitch is known to butcher the English language on a regular basis, which is why my ass needs an editor (wink).

They = the government.

Blame any errors and the fact that a bitch hasn't corrected them on the massive amounts of allergy meds currently swirling in my system...


Homer said...

Isn't it remarkable that the Gov't made such a big effort to make sure displaced Iraqi's could vote in all those elections they've been having.

pfirsch said...

Thanks for getting the word out!

Hammer said...

Hey ABB! This is an important post. Unfortunately, the removal of their right to vote has been coupled with new "flood zone" maps (this week, after 9 months?) stating that New Orleans residents have to increase the height of their houses (even though most of the 'high water' marks go above the increase point). Basically, what this means is that only the people who CAN AFFORD to (A) rebuild new houses (especially those built on slabs against the grade) (B)jack up the cinder-block houses an additional 3 ft (or so) (C) afford flood insurance will be able to reside in New Orleans.

The people of the Old New Orleans are being systematically removed from their homes...once again, a disaster used against the working classes to benefit the rich!


In peaceful struggle!


Anonymous said...

Esteemed bitch, that is one smart beagle. In my experience they will eat darn near anything live or dead, if they can fit it in their mouths, yet yours had the wit to let the toxic Ms. Couric lay on the floor. Good dog!! (grin).

Thanks for your lovely blog.

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