Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Presidential visit...

This bitch read the news that President Bush was visiting Missouri...again...with some dismay. Clearly Scooter B. is having some hard times and a bitch is beyond freaked out that Missouri may be a comfortable place for him…a fucking safe zone…fuck it, Missouri is his security blanket!

Lawd have mercy.

After some thought a bitch revised my initial freaktitude. Jefferson City is his security blanket…and we all know that Jefferson City is not representative of Missouri…right? Shit, this bitch only visits Jefferson City to yell at elected officials, protest some dumb ass short sighted theocratic shit they are trying to pull (there are too many to list, chil’ren) or fall to my knees in gratitude to the brave few rational lawmakers still trying to do the peoples bitness.

Anyhoo, Scooter B. is being accompanied on his visit by none other than Missouri Senator Jim Talent. Talent of the talent-less Talents appears more than willing to embrace Scooter B. and provide that warm special safe place that presidents in distress require.

They will be dancing to the off-key melody of the Medicare prescription drug plan band…which Missouri conservatives are so fucking proud of, because 2/3rds of Missourians who qualified for that piece of rancid shit signed up for it…and they seem to equate signing up for the right to be treated like shit with enjoying being treated like shit. Actually Missouri conservatives, Scooter B. and Senator Talent of the talent-less Talents are trying to spin it even further! Their position is that Missourians signing up for the right to be treated like shit means that being treated like shit is good for Missourians.


A bitch has a few questions for the happy couple.

Has the cost of drugs gone down or has the scope of coverage gone up?

And has this new drug benefit done anything to address the crisis that is Medicare, the future drama that is the Boomer retirement on the horizon and the fact that our government is paying more for meds because they willingly failed to negotiate on the cost of meds and decided to pass that shit on to the broke and exhausted underpaid and already tapped out by the cost of gas masses?

Just curious.

Oh, and touring among the faithful in Jefferson City while the masses curse your name is like touting American agricultural reform from a beach in Lisbon.


Hammer said...

Ooooh ABB!

In the words of Colleen Kattau "There might be a solution, let's bring on the REVOLUTION, cuz the Roily-Oily Garky's Gotta go!"

did you have fun Sat night?


Anonymous said...

ABB on a rant.....

Ever notice....not one Black U.S. Congressman in the Republican party? Not One Black Republican Senator? Not one Black Republican Govenor? Only ONE black supreme court judge?

You've said that Republicans want to "woo" blacks.

Republicans can't woo blacks, but they do appoint them. They appoint them to do a job for them. That job is to woo blacks!

Is it working? No.

Special Anon.

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