Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shake it up baby, now!

Oh my!

A bitch's allergies have reached the cold-esque stage so this bitch has consumed some Dayquil just for kicks. Hyper doesn’t even begin to describe my current state of leg hopping agitation.


President Bush…Scooter B. to this bitch…has decided to re-chart that course he is so very fond of. It was announced today that Scott McClellan of the deny and redirect McClellans is resigning from his post as Press Secretary. CNN is also reporting that Karl Rove, also known as Bush’s brain, will not longer oversee policy development.

Well, okay then.

In one day Scooter B. has lost his voice and his brain. A bitch shudders to think about what he will think up flying solo.

Oh, the horror!

Scott McClellan will be missed. His press briefings were a joy…full of a level of bullshit based denial and spin that hasn’t been witnessed since to Nixon era. Scott has been a loyal minion…spewing forth the party line with a straight face despite the ever increasing shouts of bullshit and you’ve got to be fucking kidding me coming from the White House Press Corps.

C-SPAN must be inconsolable. Shit, even a bitch tuned in for the daily circus. Now…well, it just won’t be the same. Oh, we’ll still be lied to…but no one kept the lie alive quite like McClellan.


As for Rove, well a bitch is withholding judgment. Announcing that Rove will no longer dip into the policy development pool is one thing. Actually banning him from the pool area is another.

What a day.

Shit, what a 48 hour news cycle!

McClellan and Rove are being presented to the nation as a monumental shake-up, but this bitch is a believer in the buck and knows where it stops. Scooter B. is the self anointed Decider, so the train is still on course for a wreck as far as my ass is concerned.

Actually, this shit makes sense…which scares the shit out of me.

Scooter B. is booting McClellan because Scott clearly can’t handle his shit anymore. The spin will remain the same, but they are hoping that a new radio will make the same tired ass song list sound fresh and new.

Rove will remain in the mix, but they are attempting to create some distance in the hopes that the same policy tossed up by a different artist will result in a new shit splatter pattern.

Rumsfeld? Oh, now he has the full confidence and support of the Decider and Chief....umm, err...the President!

So much for cleaning house. Looks to me like someone is shifting a pile of dirty clothes to cover up the unmade bed and calling it housecleaning.

A bitch may have to pop some corn and settle in for this show...


Hammer said...

Hey there! So, first let me say that I can't believe how Bush sounded in that article "I'm the decider!!!!" What, are you fucking four years old? "my way or the highway" mentality, ugh! granted, it is HIS cabinet.

Also, I started posting a segment on "Understanding Bush's Cabinet" and I noticed that Bush is replacing these people with equally-as-evil people...I.e. the Fox news anchor Tony Snow to replace McClellan? ugh. Or the replacement of the dumb and soul-less Andrew H Card (Chief of Staff) with the equally-as-dumb and soul-less Joshua Bolten.

The people may be changing, but the general view of this adminsitration is not. Bush is replacing these individuals with people who think the same fucking way.


And now Ambassador Rob Portman (asshole trade fuck-up) is going to replace Bolten as the Director of the Office of Management and Budget...shit

Same shit different day ABB!



Paula D. said...

co-signing with Hammer...same shit different day. Other countries must laugh at our asses daily.

anonaMaux said...

Great post, ABB. Nailed it once again.


clarafiedwords said...

NPR interviewer said the feeling in the press corps was McClellan was fed misinformation. Yet he's still loyal after being set up as the fall guy? Do they come for your first born if your disloyal in this 'minionstration?

Anonymous said...

Allergies! I'm allergic to Bush and all those people. Ahh choo!

CP said...

You shoulda come to my slumber party, ABB. A Bitch could have relaxed her mind there.

Bush's politics remind me of the way my 10 year old showers. He puts soap on his body so he smells clean, but doesn't wash well. He's still dirty.

I am waiting with bated breath to see Dickyboy and Condigirl jump ship. According to my calculations, it should be just in time for the November elections...2008.


J said...

I'm agreeing with Hammer, and you, ABB, and I just wish this meant some REAL change. As for other countries laughing at us, I think they do, but it's a laugh tempered by fear of what our frickin' INSANE ASSHAT PRESIDENT might do next to really fuck up this planet. Not a nice happy laugh.

Anonymous said...

RBL here,

Any word on whether McClellan is headed down Texas-way to work on his momma's campaign?

Or did "Screaming Bottom Scotty" finally get a return call from Jeff the man-whore Gannon about arranging a three-way with Kenny Mehlman, and they're all headed to P-Town, or Fire Island, or Guerneville, or Key West, or wherever it is the Republican gays go to plot about how to sell the rest of us down the river?

Rodney said...

For years I have been a casual observer of politics, opting to watch quietly because I could never quite put a finger on the strategic operations of a presidential administration. I opted to remain dumb because the folks in power actually gave the illusion of competence. However, the sitting president has empowered me with the knowledge that he is actually dumber than I chose to be. I have been able to actually follow the path of a sinking ship and visualize its demise. I vow to become more politically saavy and LIVE for 2008.

christine mtm said...

ok, now i can talk about how short a life-span press secretaries have... do you think i was having second sight when i thought he had quit a few weeks ago?

i'm glad you're here. i can't keep them all straight anymore.

Anonymous said...

Rodney's comment really, really made my day. Although it's horrible that Bush&co are in office and are 'permitted' to do all the things they've done, shaking off some of the citizen apathy is a definite pro.

I'm the same way. Since starting college in 2002, I have turned from a Republican-in-name-only-because-it's-what-my-daddy-is to what most people would consider fairly radical. And I have only Bush and his little war to thank.

Preach on, ABB, and let's all get together to wake the people up!

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