Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A moment, please...

A bitch would like to re-state my position on comments. Please note that this bitch reserves the right to reject any comment that calls for or describes an act of physical violence against another comment maker.

Come on, now! Act like you’ve been raised!


Moving forward…

We all need a moment. Fuck it, if you don’t this bitch does. Take a deep breath….hold it...exhale and repeat.


Now...knees are jerking all over the place. This is a predictable thing…happens anytime anyone discusses those topics traditional etiquette classes tell us not to. The problem is tradition hasn’t gotten us very far.

A bitch is all about the debate. However, a bitch has noticed several comments that seem to be telling my ass what my experience is…what my reality is...what my history is.

And that pisses a bitch off.

Discussions about race as a historical factor to sexual abuse and exploitation are not an opportunity for ‘nice’ white men who have ‘never done anything like that’ and whose families ‘never owned slaves’ to seek absolution.

Sorry, but that dawg don’t hunt.

If my ass were discussing the exploitation of the worker by the corporation, would you feel compelled to tell me that you work at a corporation…that your family has always worked at a corporation and you reject the notion that any corporation ever exploited any worker because you and yours didn’t?

Come to think of it, a bitch did witness some of this shit during a Native American history class. My roomie, a Hopi, took the class with me. Day one…no kidding, day fucking one…a classmate came out with “What do you want, New York City back? I’m tired of being made to feel guilty for shit I didn’t do!”

My roomie’s response was classic…"Nope. Arizona will do just fine, asshole. And you can stop feeling guilty, because your guilt doesn't do a fucking thing for me.”

Anyhoo, this isn’t about the individual but rather the whole. Dismissing the experiences of others because of individual issues of guilt and personal experiences is intellectually lazy, deliberately limiting and not gonna play in this debate.

We can either sit around exclaiming about the healing properties of the scab…or we can treat the raging infection beneath it. A bitch is willing to debate the infection, but my ass will not start from the perspective of the wound not existing at all.

In conclusion, keep those comments violence free. The Man is a HUGE fan of this bitch and my file is already bursting like a motherfucker.


AOB said...

The larger context of any sort of abuse is the perceived right of the abuser to perpetrate any abuse he/she deems necessary or proper. Rape, murder, robbery, pillaging, looting any of these and other acts are always done with some sort of "I have a right to do this" mentality.

The abuse can be something as simple as trying to make someone look bad among peers...(I say this because I am in a heated session with an employee of another company who is emailing me, my boss and the company heads about the quality and correctness of my work)or as serious as rape and murder. How many women have been raped because they were black, or jewish or chinese..bringing to mind the context of WW2 or the Japanese invasion of China...

YOU ARE is an infection one that has always been with us but in order for people to get well they have to realize they are sick....thats where I believe a start needs to be made....

those that are perceived to be weaker will be those that are preyed upon...

notice the 'perceived to be weaker'

Hammer said...

You know, I appreciate your wisdom!


GayProf said...

Some of the comments that you didn’t filter made me shudder. I am left feeling cold at the idea of what you did edit out.

One thing I would add (which isn’t getting much attention) is that one of the suspects in the Duke case already has a police record for violent behavior in Washington, D.C. Collin Finnerty made a deal to avoid jail time for a gay bashing on November 5, 2005.

Anonymous said...

There was a report last night which stated that one of the boys indicted was charged in a Gay Bashing episode in November of last year, the report also cited that both HE and the alleged victim have criminal records, so I wonder what really happened.

This boy might loose his plea agreement if charged in the rape case. Several of those players were involved with this gay basjing incident.

So it seems at least some of these boys have a history of violent behavior against "others" be they gay, black, white, female or male.

This report came across the wire last night. It just seems fishy to me how this story is unfolding as it is. I am sure there are deeper issues here that undelie the rape of this girl?

That is my observation of the case.


Anonymous said...

Well then.....ABB

If you are talking about MY post, I made NO physical threat.

As for guilt, I don't have any fucking guilt. I hope there is some misunderstanding here.

Just what are you getting at, ABB?

Special Anon.

anonaMaux said...

What did I say? Or did I comment at all? I don't know if it worked, actually. I found my blogger ID. Finally.

Did I spark a fight? I remember chastising the silly white boy for his mis-spelling.....

You rule, ABB. You are a great writer. And maintain a fabu debate.

Keep up the great work.


Shark-Fu said...

Oh, for the love of...

A bitch did not post any violence threatening, if your comment was posted it was not the comment a bitch was referencing.

As to what a bitch is getting at, that is as clear as my as is gonna make it.

Oh, and chill...a bitch will call folks out by name if and when my ass wants to single anyone out.

anonaMaux said...

I don't think my comment posted, because of my own idiocy with the 'pooter. (I also didn't say anything violent.) Sorry for being so self-involved. I really thought I posted, but.....

I'm all cool. I'm your newest fan!

blowing a cool gentle breeze your way,


Anonymous said...

Oh my god ABB why aren't you the president of the US? Shark-Fu for prez 2008! Bitch, I'm on it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice the way the news, especially the headlines, refer to the alleged victim as "stripper", but so far the alleged perpetrator, Finnerty, has not been called "gay basher" as in "Gay Basher Arrested for Rape of Stripper" my my...the power of words.

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