Monday, August 01, 2011

One giant step for women's health care…

Happy August, damn it!

Let’s do this.

…and, like flies flocking to fresh shit, those opposed to reproductive justice are already gearing up to voice their opposition.

Prevention saves money and would dramatically lower the rate of abortion.

One key hurdle between women and prevention is access and cost.

Birth control helps prevent unplanned pregnancies.

If we expand access to prevention by making birth control available without a co-pay…taxpayers save money the rate of abortion will be reduced.


But wait…those opposed to reproductive justice aren’t trying to hear that.

The opposition points to emergency contraception (EC)…and their never-ending intellectually lazy and totally inaccurate quest to brand it as an abortion pill. 

I know and you know that I know that you know that emergency contraception does not cause abortion…but those are facts and the anti-choice movement is nothing if not fact resistant.

I think the time has come to call the opposition out on what they are really saying – that birth control is abortion…all birth control, sans abstinence.

So it should come as no surprise that the opposition can’t speak of no co-pay birth control without bringing up the prohibition against taxpayer funds going toward abortion.

Yep…flies flocking to fresh shit.

The Obama administration is poised to answer the $11 billion dollar question pointed out in a recent St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial…

…and the accuracy of that answer is a tremendous opportunity for us all.


SAM said...

It was excellent news to see.It's also not covering just birth control but also other factors in women's health like breastfeeding support.Must be galling for all those Planned Parenthood haters :).

BunnieG said...

Going waaaay back several decades, the Republicans have tried to brand birth control as abortion, especially the original pill which was a very high dose of estrogen, and the IUDs. The Catholic Church and other denominations who preach birth control as a sin were all in on it. They still are. Sometime I will blog on my involvement with the "prolife" movement of that era. Seriously, Republicans like their women folk barefoot and pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Shark-fu.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what is their agenda? Do they really just want to: control women, keep them barefoot and pregnant, bring more drone workers into the world, keep white women from aborting babies, I mean what. This has seemed so strange for so long. A friend of mine says it is to keep white women from aborting white babies. These folks feel threatened by the fact that fewer white babies are being born. Somehow they feel they will become extinct. But then that doesn't answer the question of those billboards that were put into place that chastised black women in regards to abortion.
No one is speaking the truth on this issue. If just one of these anti-choice people would actually tell the truth about their agenda it would be so much easier. I am so tired of lies and misrepresentation.

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