Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bits of note from an interview with Donald Trump...

I woke up this morning and caught the beginning of Good Morning America.

I know, GMA is the sorta-news and watching them almost report on shit is probably bad for my blood pressure. But it isn’t enough to know what kind of junk food the masses consume…gotta take a taste every now and then to understand the appeal.

It was, according to George, an exclusive interview…and I doubt him not because I’m still trying to figure out why the hell George bothered to sit down with Trump’s has-been ass his damned self.

Trump was in Trumpish form – lots of declarative sentences, bravado, and that undercurrent of desperate machismo he uses to cover up all manner of insecurities.

George let Trump go on and on about blah, blah and blah regarding his take on the current field of GOP candidates and electability of a 3rd party candidate.

At the end of the interview George asked Trump about his obsession over President Obama’s birth certificate. Trump, being insecure as hell and thus incapable of admitting even inarguable fuck ups and thus the last motherfucker you want to elect to any office much less President of the United States, doubled down on his inarguable fuck up by saying that he’s still not sure what the President produced when the President produced his long form birth certificate.

That shit is likely to be the headline of this bizarre interview…that Trump still doubts whether the President was born in the United States.

I, however, focused on two other bits of note.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

Bit of note #1…
Trump was going on about how “impressive” Gov. Perry of Texas is and how he’s got a great head of hair. 

Okay, he didn’t comment on Perry’s hair…but he wanted to.

George asked him about Perry’s job creation and questioned whether that’s something to boast about when the bulk of those jobs are low-paying as hell and thus not able to support the one man + one woman + two kids + chocolate lab fantasy of a traditional American family conservatives keep serving up as their base.

Trump, without pause, said…

“I think at this point America would accept anything.”

Pause…allow to marinate…continue.

Mmmhmm, now that shit needs to be a headline…put it on Perry’s bus…make it a billboard campaign, y’all!

Because you know and I know that you know and I know that Trump is spot on with that statement and “this point” is the precise point where many fools want us to remain.

Willing to accept anything.

Desperate for whatever crumbs they’ll leave on the table.

So far away from a living wage that we don’t even know what the hell that is anymore.


Bit of note #2…
When George pushed Trump about whether the rich should pay their fair share in taxes instead of the teeny tiny percent they currently pay, Trump said he’s willing but most rich as hell people are not.

They then engaged in a “well, that’s not very patriotic” off…during which Trump admitted that not paying your fair share in taxes isn’t patriotic and followed with a declaration that most rich as hell people aren’t patriotic and would high tail it to Switzerland if they were required to pay their fair share in taxes.

That brings me back to what will likely be the headline from this interview…Trumps obsession with Obama’s birth certificate.

Tis fascinating that those who adore tea obsess over whether Obama is a natural born American citizen even though he’s proven more than I’ve ever had to prove that he is indeed a natural born American citizen.

Not fascinating because they continue to chew at a bone that they’ve chewed to death…

…but certainly fascinating cause tea adorers attack one man about his birth certificate while they protect and defend thousands of Americans who are so unpatriotic they gleefully screw we the people out of billions in tax revenue and would be on the first boat outta here if we dared to call them on that shit.

It’s one thing to be hoodwinked and bamboozled…

…but damn it to hell if these fools aren’t hoodwinking and bamboozling their own damned selves.



Anonymous said...

Didn't you know these people live in a bubble of bamboozlism of their own creating. Then the take their bamboozled selves onto the pulpit and preach about why every should sacrifice as they dip their shrimp into cocktail sauce and sip champagne.
Everyone watches and yet no one really sees.

Alliyah Gallows said...

…but certainly fascinating cause tea adorers attack one man about his birth certificate while they protect and defend thousands of Americans who are so unpatriotic they gleefully screw we the people out of billions in tax revenue and would be on the first boat outta here if we dared to call them on that shit.


Chris Sharp said...

Trump is an ass but at least you have to admire his honesty when talking about the unpatriotic rich. I have long wondered why the Dems don't pounce on that message and why it doesn't resonate more with the self-proclaimed patriots in the Tea Party. As long as they continue to vote against their own self-interests and pander to the corporate agenda, the rich will own our country and the rest of us will indeed have to accept any crumbs we can get.

Reminds me of a joke I heard recently.....Three guys are sitting around a table trying to divide up a pie. One is a Wall Street hedge fund trader, the second is a blue collar union guy (black or white, take your pick) and the third is a Tea Partier. The Wall Street guy takes seven of the eight pieces of the pie and when the Tea Partier protests, Wall Street man points to the union guy and says "you better watch out or that guy from the union is going to steal your piece of the pie."

SAM said...

Amen!So tired of seeing interviews of has beens like Trump and O'Donnel every time they need to hawk a book or show and for them to be taken seriously.

Stella said...

Wow! I was so taken aback by note #1 that I barely made it to #2. Thanks for the report. Trump is one who elicits a quick channel change from me. All the losers do the same, unless they're on the US government payroll. Then I might listen.

Linda said...

Great report!!!Thank you so much.I enjoyed a lot going through your post.

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