Thursday, August 25, 2011

Past the halfway point of a 7 day training…

I’m on Day 5 of the New Organizing Institute’s Advanced Data Training in DC…

…and my brain is fixing to explode with newly learned shit!


We’ve had back-to-back 13 (or maybe they’ve been 14) hour days spent going over all kinds of data-based programs, techniques, strategies, and tricks.

I’m in data geek heaven…but I’m also tired as hell.

Exhaustion + lots of social contact + the pressure of learning new things usually = this bitch going off on someone for something I’d usually ignore and chock up to the lack of home training in America.

‘Tis a testament to my fellow data trainees, and the coaches and staff of NOI, that no such situation has come about…big props.

Anyhoo, three more days to go and I’m rather proud of myself for managing this much constant socialization without snapping at anyone!

Seriously, I deserve a cookie.


Shit, if I make it to Saturday I’ll deserve an entire pie…


Anonymous said...

You know you should have pie and a cookie and then add some ice cream on the side. Wash it all down with a huge VodkaCran. That is good living.

Anonymous said...

Lawd, I understand brain taxification. I have been writing a business plan for the last two weeks it is finally finished and I am spent. Good for you for doing something new. You will recover and all the folks you help will be better off for you having made such a sacrifice.

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