Monday, August 08, 2011

So, the S&P told America that our baby is ugly…

Sorry for the sporadic posting, y’all!

I blame the heat.

Anyhoo…let’s jump in!

The S&P has downgraded the United States from an AAA rating to an AA+ rating. The S&P cited our fucked up from the floor up political budgeting process…the fact that we have to go to the brink of economic disaster to patch together a lame ass non-solution solution…and the clusterfuck issue of deep spending cuts without revenue increases.

In short, the S&P has informed the United States that we have an ugly baby.

No one wants to hear that they have an ugly baby. The United States is no exception. The Obama administration has responded by challenging the S&P’s math…pointing out that the other three whatevertheycallthemselves credit groups have not downgraded the nation…and added a dash of spicy political spin by calling this the Tea Party Downgrade.

Tea Party politicians took to the Sunday political chat shows to blast the Obama administration for being the Obama administration…deny that the same process of tying debt ceiling increases to spending cuts that they created, the S&P cited as a key unattractive feature, and those who adore tea bragged about creating was in any way responsible…and generally ignore the revenue concerns while doubling down on spending cuts as the only solution for anything and everything.

Everyone is going off on everyone…the baby is crying…markets are convulsing…tea is boiling…and the whole world is watching.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

The thing is, spending cuts are not the cure to what ails us anymore than removing a tumor cures cancer.

The argument over whether the S&P is using faulty math is valid…hell, I wish economists questioned credit rating systems for the rest of us too.

The debate over the political process of tying debt ceiling increasing to spending cuts ain’t going away…that horse is out of the barn, for better or for worse.

But at some point soon someone needs to move to a very well lit room, polish their eyeglasses, lean down and take a good long look at the baby.

When that brave soul does look at the baby I’m betting they’ll find that the wee one isn’t actually ugly...poor little thing is just covered in gobs of political bullshit and in need a good bath.


But you know and I know that you know that I know that, even if these fools could agree that the baby is covered in political bullshit and in need of a bath, they’d just launch into a debate over how the bullshit got on the infant and what brand of soap to use and who should wash the hair and whether the water is hot enough or too hot and…



Stella said...

I hesitated to comment today because somebody's bound to tell me that I'm totally ignorant and useless. Anyway I told myself if Shark-Fu has the courage, then so do I, but there's really nothing to say now.

Thanks for this blog, it is an oasis of comfort in a mad, mad, mad word. People who need people....

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I want them all out of office. Enough is enough. They need to raise taxes on the wealthy and on corporations and stop playing this stupid game. It is tiring and ridiculous. They need to stop spending on wars while cutting education funds. They need to stop stealing all the money and all the resources and hording them in their little Hobbit holes. We need to sweep this whole system clean.

Anonymous said...

America has suffered this experiment with an affirmative action presidency. It is time for this one to leave. I hope Michelle has started to pack because 2013 will be here before you know it.

Shark-Fu said...

Aw look, y'all! It's a bigot! And Anonymous too...I'm shocked...SHOCKED, I tell you!

marshonica said...

Awesome, SF! Just effin' awesome!

marshonica said...

Awesome, SF! Just effin' awesome!

K. Clark said...

Loved this post. This is why I hate politics. Everyone is so concerned about getting brownie points for the next election or shoring up support from their base or making the other party look like a-holes that they don't realize that it makes voters (at least me) think their every action has an ulterior motive. Everything is geared at seizing power at the expense of common sense and coming up with real, long-term solutions.

@Anonymous 3:51: If Michele and the first wife Marcus move in the WH in 2013, I may have to move out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous bigot, remember that his mess was started by your white, cowboy, imbecile of a President and his equally stupid Congress. Also remember that the Republicans shut down the entire government when Clinton was in office to prove some stupid point that had no point. This is a crazy Republican game they play against any Democratic President. Also remember that you are being used in this game, you are a pawn that they are selling down the river in order steal from all of us. You are not safe from their tactics. You make a grave mistake by thinking they have let you into the game. You are an outsider, a means to an end. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous bigot- you have to stop thinking this is a black and white race situation. This is an economic situation and everyone who is not rich and at the top are in the same boat. You should be fighting with us, instead of against us, to really make this democracy work. There is no room for hatred here. Their tactics will in the end take us all down.

The question becomes can you move beyond hatred in order to make a difference in a society that has so much potential?

Anthony Kennerson said...

When that brave soul does look at the baby I’m betting they’ll find that the wee one isn’t actually ugly...poor little thing is just covered in gobs of political bullshit and in need a good bath.

That quote alone, ma'am, deserves a bow of respect.

Throw the all out. TeaKKKluxer AND trifling coporatist Democrat.


Anonymous said...

This is my first comment here but I wanted to say that there is only one party in Washington. It is Corporatist. We have been sold down the river by our "Democrats" We must stand up to this latest attack on SS Med Medicaid. If we do not draw a line in the sand and stand up we will lose this battle. It may already be too late. Until we quit talking about the D vs R paradigm and call it what it is Class Warfare we are shooting in the dark. My 2 cents and MHO.

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