Monday, August 22, 2011

The tax increase we all need to be talking about…

Shall we?

The GOP went to war…trenched in…got all wild eyed and shit over the thought of ending Bush era tax breaks for the wealthy.

They went on and on about how making the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes would ruin the world and trigger a huge calamity the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

We watched as they demonstrated just how serious they were about NOT ending tax breaks for the wealthy…over and over again.

Now, as the dust continues to settle from their over-the-top debt ceiling fubarity, that same GOP is preparing to increase our taxes.

Mmmhmm...the GOP wants to block an extension of a tax break of payroll taxes.

Pause…sip water ‘cause I need to hydrate…continue.


For real.


The same GOP that showed their natural ass over ending tax breaks for the rich by making a not so convincing case that ending those breaks would stall job creation…cough…is now prepared to end a tax break that is sure to hit workers where it hurts.

This isn’t complex.

The tax break in question impacts workers.

The GOP says that all tax relief isn’t created equal (clever...not).

Millions of Americans pay more in payroll taxes than federal income taxes.

And the GOP ain’t even trying to be subtle about this shit.

Behold Congress as it prepares to tread all over our asses…

…and there ain’t a tea adoring protest rally in sight.

My people call this bullshit.


1 comment:

TheRYL1 said...

This is truly BULLSHIT! The "Don't-Give-A-Damnness" of it makes me numb.

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