Friday, August 05, 2011


Sorry I’ve been absent, y’all.

I’ve been running around like a crazy person getting ready for my sister’s 40th birthday weekend.


Anyhoo…shall we?

The markets just tanked.

And by tank, I mean – TANKED.

Now all eves have turned to the…wait for it…jobs report due out today.


You know, the shit that wasn’t addressed during the fucked up from the floor up debt drama we just went through.

Wait…that’s not entirely accurate.  The GOP manufactured FUBAR did address employment during the debt drama by instigating a partial shut down of the FAA that resulted in thousands of people being unemployed.

News came yesterday that Congress managed to strike a bipartisan deal to end the partial shut down of the FAA…

…but methinks that the world was unimpressed with the back-slapping celebration from some over linking the debt ceiling to spending cuts without any substantive policy to create jobs.


Part of me wants to shrug. Fuck the markets – when they soar no one wants to hire and when they tank everyone says that’s why they aren’t gonna hire.

The other part of me can’t get past the fact that Congress just shat the bed in losses to the tune of over $400 million through the FAA shut down alone. They’ll burn the house down to win an argument over the best way to put out a fire.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

This shit is enough to make a bitch quizzical – if job creation is enough to curb market woes and calm investors down, why the fuck isn’t anyone doing a damn thing to encourage the creation of jobs?

***cue the sound of silence***



SL Meyer said...

"...if job creation is enough to curb market woes and calm investors down, why the fuck isn’t anyone doing a damn thing to encourage the creation of jobs?"

Because if Big Biz (and the wingnuts) can get 1 person to do the work of 3 (and get away with it) and pay them the wages of .75 person (and get away with it) THEY WILL. And then they can keep claiming that it's all First Bro's fault the US is in the dunk tank. Nevermind the shit's been hitting the fan and we've been getting pissed on since Jan 2001. The right's everyday supporters (Mr & Ms. Average White Middle America) would rather burn down their own house to kill a mouse than clean up their dirty shit to keep said mouse out the house. They vote against their own interest (jobs, credit, stability, not bailing out Big Biz, Banks and Insurance Co.s etc,) and would rather engage in the political tea bread and circus of restricting abortion rights, GLBT rights, people of color rights and the rights of any and all to be or not be a "Christian" and whatever the definition of the week that entails. Most of Middle America doesn't even know wtf the US Constitution says, much less what others are trying to pervert it too. Why DO they believe taxing the rich and collecting tax money from big biz is going to stop job creation? I have no idea, but the sob's haven't created any jobs since they got all those tax breaks over the last 20 yrs, why the hell would they start creating them now?

LzyMom said...

I'm one of those people that always leans towards a conspiracy theory... It just seems like the social issues that some Republicans go on about are just a distraction. Driving a wedge between people so we don't see the rich getting richer, etc. Spewing outright lies so it's hard to know what is true anymore.


Anonymous said...

SL- you hit the nail on the head. This is about people who think since they are white they should be rich and in the game and since they are not they want to blame blacks, or Latinos, or gays for the reason they are excluded. Fact is, those whites in power think this is their nation. Rich, white, male. Their definition does not even really include women unless she is making and not aborting a white baby.

People who are voting against themselves think they will be allowed to play in the game at some point. They will never be allowed in. NEVER!

They need to see this. But alas, they are blind. The politicians and rich do not care about them. They want them around in order to perpetuate the status quo.

They need to join the folks who are doing the work to wrestle this oligarchy and make it a democracy.

People, the nation has been stolen. The thieves have looted the vaults, maimed and crippled justice and ran away with the goods. They have colonized your minds and hearts. It is time for the revolution. Think about it are you doing better now than years ago? No? Place the blame where it lies and get to work righting this insanity.

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