Sunday, July 31, 2011

There are winners and then there are the rest of us…

Shall we?

Here’s what they may have if they do have a deal on the debt ceiling…but they might not have anything because, at this point, Lawd knows who has what or when it would be done.

Brace thyself.

Damn near $3 trillion dollars in cuts.

$1 trillion up front…the rest to be rammed down the throats of the masses by a newly created committee designed to ram cuts down the throats of working people, the disabled, elders, and the poor.

A vote on a balanced budget amendment…which is a total pander to those who adore tea and will likely turn them on anyway because they have no idea what it takes to get an amendment done.

The debt ceiling will be lifted.


***crickets take the stage and make music***


So, here we are…and, as this deal moves through Congress like a violent bowel movement, political pundits are pondering who wins.

Fuck it - I’ll take a stab at that!

The Tea Party doesn’t win.

If anything they just got schooled by Senate Republicans on the art of stealth fucking. Anyway you cut this, the Tea Party come out assholes…for holding their line…for caving on that line under pressure…for not being able to accept their wretched victory…for empowering traditional GOPers in the Senate by establishing complete gridlock in the House.
McConnell and McCain are now feasting on the flesh of a movement that has worked their establishment nerve since day one…and they made that shit look easy.

Progressives weren’t even in the game. 

Without the ability to bring about repercussions for anti-progressive behavior losing was already a foregone conclusion.

Catch that knee!

I’m not saying I like it…I’m just saying that it is what it is.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.


Well, that’s complex. When I hear "Democrat" I think defensive…and that’s truly what we’ve seen throughout this debate – a constant defense of what is without gaining any footing to push, demand, or dictate.

On one hand, the GOP just took a shit in the middle of the room and managed to convince mainstream Dems to clean it up, wipe the GOP’s ass, and then spray air freshener.

On the other hand, the President is likely to get this debt ceiling thing off the table until after the 2012 elections…serious changes to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have been kicked down the road for this new committee to get after (Lawd, have mercy)…and our national obligations will be met, sort of.

The House GOP.

Big losers.

Speaker Boehner holds leadership in name only…every word spoken about this legislation is accompanied by questions about Boehner’s ability to get the votes. He’s Czar Nicholas returning from the front to find revolt and the fall of his thrown just a matter of timing.

And the choir asks… “So, who wins…what was it all for…why did this have to happen…EXPLAIN!”

Pause…tilt head and frown…continue.

Who wins?

The rich.

They always do.

Hell, they are probably going to make a shit load of money…transfer the bulk of it to a Swiss account to avoid paying what little taxes they are asked to pay…and then pile the rest of it into political campaigns designed to convince voters to that Soylent Green ain’t people.

What was this for?

This was for show…for posture…for the sake of showing that a gaggle of fools can bring the nation to our knees.

‘Twas a flex…a scare tactic…our own modern version of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

If you kick a dog every time she walks past you…eventually she’ll jerk when you move your feet…ultimately, the dog will avoid walking past you at all.

This was a series of kicks.

Why did this have to happen?

It didn’t.

***members of the choir join the cricket ragtime band and sing, “In the winter in the Summer…Don't we have fun!? Times are bum and getting bummer…Still we have fun! There's nothing surer…The rich get rich and the poor get children! In the meantime, in between time…Ain't we got fun?***


Anonymous said...

I'm almost disappointed that I'm not going to need to do any Big Game Hunting in Ladue next week.

NativeNYker said...

Ur brilliant!

Sabine Lavine said...

Amen, girl. At this point, the only thing we can do is try not to think about how fucked we are, lest it keep us up at night.

I used to have pretty solid respect for some of the top conservative thinkers, William F. Buckley, et al. They were less about social programs and mandated religion, and more about fiscal conservatism. I didn't agree with everything they said, but I could see where they were coming from with it. These new "conservatives?" Not even in the same universe as those old farts. It's ironic to think the same people who worship at the altar of Ronald Reagan would probably call him a pansy liberal if he were running for office today. The republican party is a joke, and not even a shadow of its formal self.

Anonymous said...

The rich don't even win in this because if you take everything away from the groups who buy all your shitty stuff that you create then there is no one left to buy your shitty stuff and you stop making money. The economy, like nature has a way of wiping the slate clean, blowing everything up and killing everything in sight,starting over.

They are killing themselves slowly. Ask those rich folks who jumped off building during the Great Depression or found themselves destitute like everyone else. It is happening, the reckoning will come.

The rest of us are having to so what we must we are learning to life off of less we are slowly readjusting and it is this that will save us. We will help each other through this we always do.

Take comfort, it hurts now but we are on it.

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