Thursday, July 28, 2011

Extremism in the defense of tax breaks for the rich meets get your ass in line meets congressional foolishness….and at some point diluted tea is served…

Oh my!

If my autistic brother’s Medicaid, Social Security, and Medicare benefits weren’t at risk…and the economy wasn’t about to implode…and the whole world wasn’t watching Congress take a stinky shit in the middle of the room…this debt negotiation drama would be amusing.

***cuts eyes***

Let’s jump on in...Lawd, have mercy.

I’m trying to keep up with what’s what.

Ummm…let’s see…first someone started the timer on the clock.

Speaker Boehner pandered to the House caucus that adores tea by bringing the non-starter Cut, Cap, Balance bill to a vote and then a bunch of Congresspeople screened some clips from The Town and then Speaker Boehner told that tea adoring caucus to get their ass in line…but at some point he proposed his own plan…and also at some point Leader Reid (love these titles, y’all) also proposed a plan


Okay, dueling plans were the CBO scored both plans and neither plan produced what the proposers said they would…but Speaker Boehner’s plan was less deficit addressing than Leader Reid’s plan, big time…

…sip coffee, shake ‘fro, continue….

Soooooo, Speaker Boehner revised his plan and that’s the newish plan he told the caucus that adores tea to get in line and vote for today even though the Senate has said that Boehner’s revised plan is also a non-starter.

That brings us to today, a vote on a bill in the House that is a non-starter, and that tick followed by that tock coming from the We’re Going to be FUBAR!! debt drama clock.

Did I mention that the whole world is watching?

***cue blustering stern faced Congresspeople and make ready for another round of dueling press conferences***



SimplyStated said...

While the drunks are tending bar at the establishment one should expect no less. The Tea Party/GOP are drunk on philosophy and ignorant of reality and like the late, great Amy Winehouse, they don't want rehab.

I got news for them, ignorance is bliss only if you are age 5 or younger, or a cow or a pig. Otherwise it's dangerous and costly.

Boehner will be done after this one and I will not shed a tear. He's pretty much done now. Let's see if he cries at his going away party.

The GOP nurtured and flaunted this Tea Party movement and now it pretty much threatens to dissolve the GOP. And they will not be missed. At least with the tea baggers you already know they are racist and not a fan of unity, so you don't have to read between the lines to decipher everything they say.

The Tea Party however, is pretty much just like GOP, it is not about doing what is best for the country as a whole, but what is best for the ideology of the party and the wealthy. And it is about power pure and simple.

The middle class needs to step up and become the party of no-or else we will cease to be all together.

Jeffrey Ricker said...

"This is no way to run a government and the US governance system is becoming dysfunctional."

You know it's bad when you're getting called on the carpet by *Bahrain*. Blink, indeed.

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