Friday, July 22, 2011

Does anyone want to follow this money?

I woke up this morning and caught the tale end of a newsreport about Swiss bankers that have been charged with helping at least 35Americans hide billions…I’m talking $3 billion dollars here…from the IRS.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

There are a lot of things that piss me off about this shit.

#1 Why the fuck isn’t this headline news?

America is in the midst of a serious debate about debt…and some conservatives would like to see the richest among us get even more tax breaks while the rest of us see critical social programs slashed to the bone…and all the while a gaggle of shady motherfuckers are hiding billions in Swiss bank accounts.
Am I the only one who thinks this news is worth more than a smidge on the television news crawl?

***cue crickets***


#2 Why the hell are news sources not naming the 35 Americans who committed this fraud?

I’ve seen news stories that provide the complete biography of individuals accused of stealing a fast food meal…but I’m having a Dickens of a time finding out who the 35 people are who hid $3 billions dollars in Swiss bank accounts.

I want to know who these assholes are…who they work for…if they work…who they make political donations to…and whether or not their asses are in jail.

***crickets are now joined by cicada***

#3 Where’s an angry sign carrying rally when we need one?

If ever there was a reason to break out the Don’t Tread on Me gear, this story of rampant tax fraud is one.

When rich as hell Americans...people who already get more than their fair share of tax breaks as compared to the rest of us…seek to evade their obligations through fraud and corruption we the people are being taken for a ride.


***crickets and cicada break out into a flash mob dance***

Fuck it.


Anonymous said...

This not considered news because:
1. they do this all the time this is how the rich become rich by stealing.
2. the entire society is conditioned to protect the rich.
3. they own everything and are always threatening to sue or bury someone
4. the conspiracy includes a lot of people in power, reveal one and the whole game unravels

Let it unravel I say. They continuously pillage this society while pretending to be patriotic. They steal from us constantly, miseducate us, colonize our minds, wallets, and hearts and divide and conquer us. I want it all to unravel.

Ding dong the jig is up. It will take a truly courageous journalist to bring light into this bastion of darkness. Is there a truly courageous journalist left?

kathryn said...

Ha! Sorry...but you are hilarious. Yes, it's a travesty of justice. Yes, it's unfair. Yes, they should be shot, tarred and feathered.

But sometimes, it takes everything we've got to just deal with our own shit...ya know?? Not saying it's right...but, ya know.

Great post, though. You made me laugh...and that's something. Right?

David Jackmanson said...

There's a copy of the original indictment from February at which contains the name, city of residence and citizenship status of 17 of the clients.

James. Bahamas said...

Excuse me but what happened to David J's link?

Shark-Fu said...

Good question! I'll see if I can't find it through a search.

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