Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Post Murdoch phone hacking & bribery scandal quizzical conspiracy theorization…

I set the DVR to capture the Murdoch & Son appearance before MPs yesterday and…well, that was a fascinating performance.

And yes…that was the very definition of a performance.

Rupert Murdoch and his son James appeared together before a committee…wearing matching suits and ties…with one goal in mind – calm the audience.

The audience being the News Corp. board, investors, and the media spin machine that both listen to.

Now, some may challenge my theory by pointing out that during the quizzing Rupert Murdoch was trying his best to appear like an out of touch, fragile, confused old man who leans heavily on his son for everything.

But it is a mistake to view Rupert’s appearance as a separate thing from that of the son who was sitting next to him.  These two were a team and they know their lines as well as any actor.

Murdoch and son weren't selling what we who watched witnessed. 

They are selling the idea that Rupert isn’t going to be held accountable because he’s skilled at dodging the ball and he’s prepared to fall back on his age + the vastness of his empire + the fact that many in charge have lost the benefit of the doubt + isn’t his son clever and earnest and polite but not a push over and willing to admit this little newspaper that makes up less that 1% of the total empire done did people wrong and blah followed by blah and more blah.

Pause…sip coffee…continue.

And just in case Murdoch and Son failed to pull all that shit off…there was a shaving cream pie thrower tossed in.

That bit of distractitude was as easy as waving a bone in front of a dawg.

I’m not buying the shit that Rupert is regretful…or was unaware of everything and prefers to leave everything to managers and lawyers.

And I’m not buying the shit that James is really in charge…or that he just happened to fail to ask questions every single time a situation begged for him to ask questions.

Nope, I'm not buying it, but a quick look at the media's reaction tells a sad tale of just how easy it is to enchant with a basic glamour spell.

'Cause the pie thrower is trending while News Corp. stock is soaring and Team Murdoch didn't even break a sweat.

Mission accomplished?

Methinks this play is still in need of a gotcha moment.



Anonymous said...

I don't buy it either. They are manipulative, hard hammering thieves who have no souls. This is what happens when greed consumes folks.

leota2 said...

Rupert would eat puppies and small children if you didn't watch him closely. There is nothing fragile about that old man . . . .

the bewilderness said...

At this point I think too many people know they are lying and are willing to say so.

Beyond-The-Spectrum said...

How about THIS little headline (which got little in the way of outrage): Shell Game: 2000 Firms Based In One Simple House : NPR

bbtoo said...

I don't buy it eighter.

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