Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This one goes out to the ones I love....

A bitch is more than a wee bit hung over this morning. Those who follow my ass on the Twitter know why (wince).

Hell, an evening of vodka and Vietnam War films seemed like a good idea at the time, but now…shit.

Wince again.

Shall we?

I’m not celebrating the massive Democratic Party fail that took place last night in Massachusetts.

‘Tis true that the Dems shat the bed rather than get about the bitness of legislating with their filibuster proof majority.

And pundits are telling me that the Mass Senate vote was about voters’ unhappiness with Dems.

But the devil is in the details.

Some voters are unhappy that government is trying to reform health care at all…others are pissed that government isn’t going far enough with the proposed reforms…and still others are peeved that government is not getting it done now that they’ve compromised and arrived at the deciding point.

Insert whatever policy you want to…”voters are unhappy” is an intellectually lazy analysis that is revealed as such once a body peels off the scab to examine the multiple infections beneath.

Voters are divided, confused, angry and prepared to go possum on all things legislative as a result.

Thus, Republicans like Mr. Brown who run on the "I’ll make the merry-go-round stop spinning" platform and and will win…even though you know and I know that you know that I know that Senator-elect Brown is going to get his minion on once seated and that’s not going to be funny or amusing or good for the people.

It will, however, be good for the Obama Administration should it result in further mid-term drama come November.

Catch the knee; a bitch is hung over and unable to dodge that shit!

The best gift a first term President can have is a mid-term correction…particularly if that correction comes with a mandate to do nothing and stop everything. That kind of gridlock makes running for re-election a motherfucking dream…this has all happened before and it will all happen again.

But I’m not capable of the kind of reaction to this shit that some in the progressive crowd are expressing…the kind of snarkified response that comes from having little to no emotional investment in policy because there isn’t room for it with all that intellectual superiority stretching out and settling in.

A bitch knows that something wicked this way comes…the reaction following yesterday’s action.

I know that now it’ll be harder to do anything…and me and mine need shit to get done.

And I don’t kid myself into thinking nothing was getting done before…we’re about to see nothing and then, quicker than a bitch can spit, we’re all about to see a rash of something that’ll make us long for the days of nothing.


And politicians won’t suffer…they never do. They’ll either get re-elected or lose and move into the private sector where they’ll make a lot of money consulting with folks who got elected.


This kind of mid-term drama is a gift from the rating gods.

The pundits will spin and sorta-analyze and chew on that bone until there ain’t no bone left to chew.

Ah, but the masses…the people are the ones looking up at a fast moving ball of shit traveling downhill and picking up speed.

Part of me could give a shit since some of those in that shit ball's path are part of the problem, having been so apathetic toward policy changes once last year's election party was over and the lights came up.

But most of me is right there with all y’all…looking up at the shit ball despite over a year spent lobbying for the reforms my ass cast the ballot in support of.

And I see no place for celebration in that, because the struggle continues.

This just means we’re going to have to wade through waist high shit for a serious length of time.

Blink...blink again...wince.

***logs off to take headache pills, get dressed and then get my social justice work on***


Rileysdtr said...

Sweetie, vodka and Viet Nam is NEVER a good combination. Do you have BC Headache powder in StL? Kick 2 packs back with a cup of strong coffee then drinks lots and lots of fluids.

Unknown said...

Well Shark Fu..I feel like I have a hangover and I didn't drink a drop of Skky and Soda.

Watching that inglorious failure on the part of the ruling party really was ugly.fugly even. sigh...

Anonymous said...

The people of Massachusetts have universal health care. They can afford to send a message.

PridePress said...

I think the message is a good thing! I don't know if it will wake them from their own self-important verbal masturbation in the Congress, but I sure hope so!

This is way more complicated than a simple message of displeasure, but displeasure it is.

People were elected on a well defined set of principles, promises, and pledges. In historic numbers we bought what they were selling. And then they changed the terms of the sale. That has consequences.

Pundits be damned! I haven't turned on the TV yet, and I am not going to for a while for that very reason. The HYPE is not what we need. What we need is Democrats to have the strength of their convictions!

Miss Trudy said...

Okay. I know that I am probably being intellectually lazy here, but really, this seems a "the voters are mad" reaction and thing is, most people ARE reactive and not very thoughtful. Most people--sadly--don't see the long term consequences of their actions. Or are too mad to care, and casting a vote out of anger is like going to the supermarket while dizzy with hunger. Bad decisions will be made. And people end up with a cart full of crap. I hope this makes Democrats get their shit together better than they have up to now. I mean, really. And like you said, the struggle goes on. And politicians don't get seriously hurt. EVER. No matter what they do (i.e. Sptizer). The bucket really ends up stopping with us, the citizens, in the end. Nobody else is really going to fight our battles for us. So it's a setback, I guess, but nothing to do but forge on, right?

Yankee, Transferred said...

The only real cure for a hangover is tons and tons of water. It's the dehydration that makes a bitch's head hurt.
Hope you're on the mend.

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