Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Sessions are opening all over the place…

A bitch and C-Money sorta-watched the 2010 IIHF World Junior Championship Gold Medal game last night.

Sorta, because a bitch was too nervous to really watch it and kept jumping back and forth between the Maple Leafs’ game on another channel.

Well shit, it was the United States versus Canada on Canadian ice and that’s some serious shit!

My nerves were bad, y’all.

When I switched back the last time Team USA and Team Canada were tied at 5 goals each and going into overtime…

…which is where Team USA’s John Carlson scored the winning goal!

Lawd have mercy!

Go Team USA and your Gold Medal winning hockey-playing selves!



Anyhoo, the 2010 Session of the Missouri State Legislature begins today.

Brace yourself…many a state legislature are also opening sessions across the land.

Now, I know and you know that a bitch knows that you know that most folks are captivated by happenings at the federal level. We’ve got health care reform and financial what what’s and Gitmo and investigations into who fucked up on the national security job. There’s a never ending soap opera of policy and investigatory drama going on in DC and a lot of it has real life implications for we the people.

But a bitch urges everyone not to sleep on your state legislature’s session.

Politics remains local and those elected to represent us on the state level are also making decisions that have real life implications for we the people.

Our job does not end on Election Day - that’s when it begins.

So, know your representative and state senator and make sure they know you too.


A bitch also recommends stocking up on headache meds and vodka cran.


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