Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dawg drama, the State of the Union and why I'm watching hockey...

Lawd, what a day.

Betsey the sorta-beagle had another incident of food aggression...and added another scar to Theo the other sorta-beagle's snout.


Theo got in a few of his own, so a bitch had major dawg drama this morning.

Wince again.

Betsey never used to be food aggressive, but she's changed as she's gotten older.


Anyhoo, I've got the State of the Union scheduled in the TiVo...but shall watch some ice hockey live, 'cause my nerves are too bad to deal with political shit just yet.

Rest assured...a bitch shall view and post about it by morning.


Knowing our federal government, odds are an ice hockey fight/sorta-beagle food brawl will break out on the floor mid speech and tie my entire day's worth of drama together.


Toodles for now...

...a bitch hears a vodka cran calling my name!


Jimmy said...

A major story has emerged as MSNBC's Chris Matthews has really stepped in it by trying to make the point that the president is so clearly post-racial that Matthews even forgot Obama was black as he was watching the speech. It's all over Twitter.

To quote a bitch - "Lawd!"

macnow said...

My goodness you make my day, heard ya NPR was really impressed.

It's nice to be able to read somebody elses problems (while your having your own craziness) and sorta know it's all OK.

Priorties can be met... in due time... and a nice cold vodka cran can still soften the blow of a tough day.

Anonymous said...

Ah, food aggression as doggies age! What fun that recalls for me. When it happened in my pack I finally figured out what was going on right before Scoober passed away. She was used to a pecking order in the pack. As she aged, she worried that the pecking order was changing around her to her detriment. Therefore she had to take bits out of the ears of the other dogs to prove that SHE WILL NOT BE IGNORED! Of course, I tried to stop the aggression only once the slobber and the ear bits started flying. Does NOT work. Instead, I had to show all the feeding critters that the dog bowls were mine. They only have access to them when I am convinced that they are calm. To drill this fact into their heads, I had to make them take a break while they were still working on the bowls, making them all sit and look at me, no trembling or whining or evil eye allowed. At first, I had to stand between the dogs but in time, when they got used to the phrase "take a break", I was able to stand away from them and watch for evil eye and nab that in the bud before it escalated. Feeding time went from 10 minutes to a half an hour but I was able to stop cleaning up blood and ear parts so that was a plus.

Good luck. Stop Bleed works wonders.

Shark-Fu said...

Oh my Anonymous! I'll give that a try...mercy.


Thanks for the tip!

Unknown said...

Food aggression: yep. We have always had a bunch of rescue dogs, but pretty much let them sort it out themselves. Surprise, surprise! Dogs might actually be more intelligent than humans about such things. No one ever goes hungry in a pack. When we interfere, it only seems to escalate the problem. I guess you'd call it "free market" for doggies.

That said, I'm pretty sure our dogs demonstrate more altruistic behaviour than most humans do. But they don't embrace a strictly democratic hierarchy, as we do.

Leave them be. They'll sort it out on their own better than, say, Congress will.

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