Monday, January 25, 2010

Engaged volunteers needed!

A certain University of Virginia doctoral candidate contacted this bitch for help recruiting subjects to take her online survey on marriage attitudes.


Why not?

Here’s the pitch, y’all.

Cristina Reitz-Krueger is looking for volunteers for a study of attitudes towards marriage and parenthood among engaged couples. The study consists of a 25-30 minute online survey. To qualify for the study, you must be 20-35 years old, live in the U.S., and plan to marry or have a commitment ceremony within the next 365 days. You and your romantic partner must not have children, and this must be the first marriage for both of you.

If you fit those parameters, help a doctoral candidate out!

You’ll be helping to increase the pool of scientific knowledge, support research on marriage and families (you know, with facts instead of wacky absolute statements pulled out of thin air) and you get to spend some time thinking about your relationship!

Cristina Reitz-Krueger is working with Dr. Charlotte J. Patterson, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia, and the study has been approved by the University of Virginia Institutional Review Board (#2009025800).

If you and/or your romantic partner are interested in participating or want further information, please email Cristina at She will send you a link that you can use to access the study.


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